The tribes of Israel to be encamped top top the plain eastern of the Jordan river, in the scanty the shade of acacia trees, waiting to overcome over into the Promised Land.

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Balak the King that Moab hired Balaam come curse them; but he was prevented by the angel of the Lord. Balaam did but give King Balak a stratagem to carry grief on the Israelites, advising him come encourage the Moabite women to consort with and also seduce the Israelite men(1). This resulted in a deathly plague that spread among the Israeli people, killing 24,000 that them.

The females were not simply lower class, but even royalty, because that Zimri the child of Salu, a prince that the Simeonite tribe, consorted through a Midianitish princess, Cozbi, daughter the Zur, a chief ruler, and brought she publicly into his tent in the vision of the Israeli people; mourning your dead by the plague. This was a public affront, and also rebellion against the legislations of God.

Enter Aaron’s Grandson!

The young guy Phinehas, was standing close to the time of Meeting, amidst the thousands of crying people, when he experienced the blatant an obstacle of Zimri, open minded escorting the foreign woman into his own tent. His upbringing together a child of Eleazar and also grandson of Aaron the High Priest, offered him instant understanding the the enormity the the offence. Thousands to be dying that a plague, and also the fury of God was upon the civilization for their sex-related immorality. Here were Zimri and also Cozbi openly difficult the standards God had set for his people. His blood boiled, he ordered a javelin, and also went into the time after them.

Phinehas in the name of righteousness, thrust both of castle through, placing them soon to death. At that very moment the virulent spreading pester stopped. God speak personally come Moses commending Phinehas and promising that this young male would one day end up being the High Priest and also his priesthood would be enduring because that perpetuity(3).

Shortly after ~ this God commanded Moses to avenge the injustices perpetrated against Israel by the Midianites.

Moses then personally selected Phinehas to war versus the Midianites taking with him one thousands soldiers from every of the 12 tribes of Israel. They completed an overwhelming victory, and amazingly not one single soldier of the 12 thousand to be killed. Phinehas reverted from the fight as a hero in the eye of the people of Israel. Currently after the fatality of Aaron, Eleazar, Phinehas’ father, came to be the High monk in the 40th year of your exodus from Egypt(4).

Within a couple of short weeks Moses too, died and the mantle the leadership dropped upon Joshua. His task was to take the human being of Israel throughout the flooding Jordan flow to occupy the soil promised to them by God. 5 miles west the the flow lay the walled city the Jericho, armed and also ready to stand up to a siege or attack. Joshua could not afford to bypass this city, and also be assaulted from the rear.

It was an essential that he acquire reliable information around the strength and morale that the civilization of Jericho.

He deliberated on that he could trust with this sensitive mystery mission. Joshua knew the calamitous an outcome of sending 12 guys to reconnaissance the land fourty years ago, just two to be still alive, himself and Caleb. He now required young trustworthy males for this job, and perhaps two would it is in enough.

Joshua needed males of integrity and courage and standing with the people. He instantly thought that Salmon, the young Prince the Judah. Together he considered his options he remembered how Salmon’s cousin, Phinehas had identified himself in the issue of Zimri, and how God had actually approved the young man’s actions. At some point he would come to be the High priest after his father passed on, however right currently he seemed ideal qualified because that the work in hand.

Joshua summoned the 2 young men, Salmon and Phinehas, to a meeting and tasked them v the task of penetrating the foe lines and gathering the needed information. Both of castle knew that they could never return lively from this dangerous intelligence mission. There was one location where information could be obtained.

Just crossing the flow was a challenge.

The moon to be waxing nightly and the Jordan remained in the spring flood stage, nearly a mile wide, having actually risen beyond its banks. Exactly how they completed this we space not told, but they made it and also sauntered right into Jericho in the late afternoon. There was one ar where information could be obtained, and also that to be the regional inn, where human being gathered to talk and eat. Over there they met with Rahab, who risked her life, telling them all they necessary to know, misleading the king’s messengers, and also then making a commitment with Salmon and Phinehas, to defend her father, mother and family.

Phinehas, additionally pronounced ‘Pincas’ according to the works of the Jewish Rabbins has actually an amazing family connection.


His dad Eleazar married the sister the Nashon, the prince that Judah(5). Nashon’s kid Salmon, the prince the the people of Judah, was one of the 2 spies that gone into Jericho attach by his cousin Phinehas.

Avraham ben Yaakov postulated Caleb that Judah, together the other spy(6), yet Joshua 6:23 says they were ‘young guys that were spies’. Caleb remained in his 80’s but Salmon to be a young man and also the context reflects he had actually made agreement with Rahab. In mine article, “Two Scarlet Threads”(7) I have traced the heat of Salmon who married Rahab the mrs who defended them in Jericho.

Phinehas go on to become the high priest after his father Eleazar’s death and remained in office for 19 years.

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His descent is traced in scripture every the method down come Ezra that went into bondage in Babylon. Follow to Septuagint Phinehas was hidden with his father in Ephraim on the hill Gibeah (see Joshua 24:33). The dig of Phinehas is shown at Awertah, four miles S.E. Of Nablus, in the center of the village, in ~ an area overshadowed by one old vine, follow to Fausset holy bible dictionary.

His personality was significant with strong moral indignation and also fine integrity. God still uses men who live right, and makes their resides fulfilling. Room you game to to trust God v your future?