You recognize legendary comedienne Lucille ball as the goofy however beloved redhead from I Love Lucy, but here"s some trivia you might not be mindful of: Lucy was nearly 40 by the moment her namesake sitcom struggle the airwaves.

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Before I Love Lucy, she spent years struggling together an actress, snagging generally minor roles and modeling gigs. For this reason while we"re supplied to see Lucy doing her trademark brand of physics comedy — and also making the "oops!" challenge she"s so renowned for — it"s nearly startling come see how she watch in older, much more traditional head shots, finish with her organic brown hair color.

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In this portrait, you could sooner think Lucille looks like Linda Darnell, Olivia de Havilland, or an additional Old Hollywood actress, through her hope gaze and closed-mouth pout.

As for she now-famous ginger hair color, Lucy in reality dyed her locks bright red because that a previous role in Du Barry was a Lady — and also it wasn"t nearly that vibrant for her duty in I Love Lucy.

"A lot of of civilization think that it together red — it"s no red at all," described Irma Kusely, the show"s hairstylist, that dyed Lucy"s hair using normal hair dye yet eventually switched to henna. "She met a really wealthy sheikh and he had heard about her problem , he stated he would certainly send her a life time supply of henna, which the did! in my garage, locked away in a safe."

So, every you should do to acquire Lucille Ball"s look forever? uncover a new friend that can provide you a lifetime supply of henna.

Sam EscobarContributorSam"s enthusiasm because that makeup is only rivaled by your love of all points relating come cats.
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