Ava august left the “American Idol” judges stunned during Monday’s episode after she yielded two stunning performances.

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The 15-year-old sang Olivia Rodrigo’s smash fight “Driver’s License”, nailing those high notes, before she to be joined by mockery Groban to belt the end Joni Mitchell’s “Both sides Now”.

Ava August, mockery Groban ~ above “American Idol”.— ABC/Eric McCandless

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Both monitor showcased August’s killer vocals, v judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan having nothing yet praise for the teenager.

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What a DREAM!!!! It was such an honor to re-superstructure the stage with the the one and also only
joshgroban!! give thanks to you for making this together a fun and also easy duet!!
AmericanIdol #AmericanIdol #Avaaugust #JoshGroban pic.twitter.com/OChCxpvHeM

— Ava august (
avaaugust) April 6, 2021

A shocked Richie asked, “Do you realize you space singing far past your age?” adding: “If this is you in ~ 15, you through your driver’s license, you’re gonna be terrifying.”

Perry gushed, “You are an old soul and also I think your soul is saying ‘I to be coming ago this time ns am walk to do it right, 100 per cent ace this test of life and also become that queen."”

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Bryan then said, “I save thinking on you and Josh’s performance, it’s prefer seeing Judy Garland increase there. Your shipment keeps us ideal there in your hands and also that’s stuff that 15-year-olds must not be doing.”

Social media customers have currently predicted August will certainly win the whole competition. See several of the Twitter reaction below.

I’ve watched much less than 10 minute of #AmericanIdol this season and I can currently tell girlfriend the winner.

Ava August. And also it’s not even close. Don’t have to watch anyone else

— Dene (
Dene_vez) April 6, 2021

Ava respectable coming the end to success this thing. #AmericanIdol

— Robinette (
quatresommar) April 6, 2021

#AvaAugust doesn't have to win #AmericanIdol but she should.#JoshGrobin duo v Ava on #JoniMitchell #BothSidesNow exquisite tears, choose a blend of early on Joni and also her last recording that this, beautiful, real talent, beautiful voice, perfect pitch, supposed to be, need Ava now.