Billy Bob Thornton completely Ad-Libbed His scene Stealing Tombstone duty Tombstone featured an early role for Billy Bob Thornton, that ad-libbed his bully character that is soon humbled by meeting Wyatt Earp.

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Billy Bob Thornton improvised his duty in 1993 western epic Tombstone. Wyatt Earp is an iconic real-life lawman finest remembered because that the gunfight at the O.K. Corral alongside his brothers and also Doc Holliday. His story has been lugged to the huge screen countless times, including My Darling Clementine and Gunfight in ~ The O.K. Corral certification the late Kirk Douglas (Along The great Divide). The at an early stage 1990s witnessed a fight between 2 big-budget take away on Earp"s life; 1993"s Tombstone and 1994"s Wyatt Earp.

Wyatt Earp starred Kevin Costner as the lawman when Dennis Quaid (Jaws 3D) played Doc Holliday. If the movie featured a wonderful cast and also production design, it to be a dreary, overlong slog too. It additionally had the misfortune of complying with Tombstone, which to be much more warmly obtained the vault year. Costner was actually attached come Tombstone prior to eventual leading man Kurt Russell (The Thing) came onboard. Costner left Tombstone following debates with writer/director Kevin Jarre and tried to use his clout to cut off potential resources of financing because that the rival movie once it relocated on without him.

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Tombstone"s actors is one embarrassment the riches, which consists of Sam Elliott, bill Paxton, Michael Biehn (The Terminator), powers Boothe, Dana Delany, and many others. Tombstone endured through manufacturing issues, with Kevin Jarre being fired and also replaced by Rambo: an initial Blood part II"s George P. Cosmatos; adhering to Cosmatos" passing in 2005, Russell would disclose he ghost directed the movie himself. Prior to his breakout function with Sling Blade, Billy Bob Thornton likewise appeared in Tombstone together Johnny Tyler, a card dealer through a nasty temper.

Kurt Russell"s Earp encounters Tyler once he walks into a Tombstone saloon and is surprised by exactly how empty that is. He"s called by the owner the trouble is Tyler, that scares off many customers. Top top Tombstone"s audio commentary, Cosmotos revealed Billy Bob Thornton made up his own dialogue for the scene, with his only direction being "be a bully." Johnny Tyler is absolutely that, however he"s easily humbled once Earp ideologies the table. His attempts to intimidate Wyatt fall flat, and also when Tyler reaches because that his gun an unarmed Earp walks best up come his face, daring him to draw.

Wyatt Earp slaps Johnny a couple of times and also asks "Are girlfriend gonna execute something or simply stand there and also bleed?" Needless to say, Tyler backs down and also Earp disarms him, prior to kicking that out and also asking because that 25% that the saloon"s take because that his services. It"s among many good scenes in Tombstone and showed just how the real-life Earp preferred to use intimidation end resorting to violence. In this case, he knew Tyler to be a loud-mouth bully who would bow down once confronted. He"s later on disarmed again as soon as attempting come shoot Wyatt in the earlier when Doc calls him out; he"s forced to hand end his shotgun too.

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This Tombstone step was additionally a great showcase because that Billy Bob Thornton, who in addition to gift a great ad-libber likewise gets to display a wide selection of emotions in one quick scene.