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What is a Line?
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January 25, 2021

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Lines are everywhere around us in our daily life and they are part of our life. This blog helps kids to learn the different types of lines in our life and how and where they are used. Go ahead to explore.

What is a Line?

A line haslengthbut nowidth. A line is a type ofgeometricfigure that can move in both directions. A line is made up of anendlessnumber ofpoints. It is infinite and has no ends on both sides. A line is one dimentional.


In geometry, the notion oflineorstraight linewas introduced by ancient mathematicians to represent straight objects having negligible width and depth. It is often described in terms of two points. For example:


A line in the plane is often defined as the set of points whose coordinates satisfy a givenlinear equation in the concept of analytic geometry whereas,a line may be an independent object, distinct from the set of points which lie on it in the concept of incidence geometry.

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