The first Mickey mouse watch to be made in 1933. It price $2.69. The document price for a real 1933 Mickey mouse watch (with the initial box) in great condition is $6,100, set at a 2014 auction. The watch’s image, replicated from Mickey computer mouse cartoons, reflects a side see of Mickey’s human body with relocating hands and also a three tiny Mickey Mouse figures chasing in the circle. Us couldn’t discover a positive date for the an initial reproduction of either the 1933 or 1934 watch. We do understand many copies have to be made, one as newly as 2019. Our research shows the 1933 Mickey mouse watch was not copied. The an initial copy was of the 1934 Mickey mouse watch. Later copies also were not the 1933 watch. No one can tell us why.

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We have actually put with each other a list to assist you identify your watch. Period is an essential factor in determining value. Once buying a vintage Mickey computer mouse watch, look because that the following identifying features. If the clock you space looking in ~ is different, that is most likely a reproduction or mislabeled year.

1933 — The first Mickey computer mouse watch was made through Ingersoll-Waterbury and sold at the Chicago, Century of progress Exposition. It to be round with a bezel decoration. The 7 and 5 number on the dial were outside Mickey’s feet. There were cut-outs of Mickey (charms) ~ above the band. It ran ~ above a WWI surplus pin lever movement. Mickey is put on yellow gloves to suggest to the time, although the cartoon Mickey changed his white gloves (1929) to yellow in 1936.

1934 — The watch and all those made until 1937 to be in round cases. Mickey’s feet to be on or outside the 7 and also 5 numerals on the dial.

1935 to 1937 — The Ingersoll watch had actually the second form of dial with the number 7 and 5 under his feet. The native “made in u.s.a.” were printed on the dial.

1937 — A rectangular situation with plain sides was used and the 3 tiny Mickey Mouse figures chasing in the circle second-hands were readjusted to one hand.

1938 to 1942 — The case was rectangle-shaped with five decorative notches in each lengthy side.

1942 — U.S. Time bought Ingersoll however still used the Ingersoll trademark. Some situations were yellow plated until the 1960s.

1948 — A luminous dial to be used.

1950 — Red numbers were used. The published word Ingersoll to be on the face.

1960s — friend wouldn’t recognize a Mickey computer mouse watch made in the 1960s. It had a level round case and Mickey is not pictured ~ above the dial.

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So check your old Mickey mouse watch, even if it isn’t working. It can be worth a lot of money and also it is always fun to own one. There have been numerous kinds. An high-quality watch through sparkling rhinestones, one underwater version, and also a new version for those that exercise. It tells you how well you room doing and reminds you to job-related out every day.


A current reproduction the the 1934 Mickey computer mouse watch as a bag watch through the 1934 wristwatch face and chain. Notice the 7 and also 5 are absent and Mickey has actually white gloves. Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer