It’s not every day you walk from masked, severely burned monster wrestler to mayor, however then not everyone is Kane.

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Glenn Jacobs, the guy who shown the WWE legend during his operation in the famed attitude Era, winner the Republican major election because that the mayoral seat of Knox County, Tennessee in 2018.


Mayor Kane – aka valley Jacobs – hung up his mask to get in politics

He is additionally a former three-time world champion, having actually won 19 championships in the greatest wrestling promo on the planet.

Kane’s WWE career has actually spanned 23 years, however he took a while to uncover his feet.

The now 54-year-old was born in Spain and made his wrestles debut in ~ 25 in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Given he was 6ft 9in, that didn’t take long for WWE to notification a true huge man that could additionally move.

His first couple of years through the agency did not go well, however. An initial he debuted as Mike Unabomb and then reverted as Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s dentist – yes, dentist – Dr. Isaac Yankem.

By 1996, the gimmick had actually run that is course and also he to be now portraying the ‘Fake Diesel’ after ~ the real one – Kevin Nash – had departed for WCW.


The story in between Kane and also The Undertaker is just one of the ideal WWE has ever done

Finally, in late 1997 after a lengthy storyline that was teased between Paul Bearer and also The Undertaker, Kane debuted as the The Deadman’s brother and a star was born.

Facing Taker and also aligning v him to type the brother of devastation made him an immediate player, but given the intricacy of his character, he definitely did part outlandish things.

Kane wore a mask because that the majority of his career and, for the first six years it was retained on due to the fact that in his storyline, he sported burns.

As a result of his tormented childhood, that would strike people in demented ways like hooking up a auto battery come Shane McMahon’s privates, he set The Undertaker top top fire in a casket, that locked Paul Bearer in a freezer, moved him to his claimed death and also buried his brothers in concrete.


Kane winner the WWE title in 1999, but only for a day

And yet, that parlayed all of that into becoming a member that the United says government.

Wrestling has frequently been the butt of plenty of jokes because that grown men and also when Congressman Tim Ryan made a flippant remark previously this year, Kane took an excellent pleasure in shutting that down.

“I just walked the end of the #StateOfTheUnion. I’ve had enough. It’s favor watching expert wrestling. It’s every fake,” Ryan composed of Trump’s SOTU.

Sir, her statement is emblematic of the out-of-touch elitism, so usual of Washington, that has alienated numerous everyday Americans. Expert wrestling brings happiness to millions roughly the world. Politicans prefer yourself usually carry nothing but misery. Https://

— valley Jacobs (
GlennJacobsTN) February 5, 2020

Kane responded: “Sir, your statement is emblematic that the out-of-touch elitism, so usual of Washington, that has alienated numerous everyday Americans. Experienced wrestling brings pleasure to millions approximately the world. Political leaders like you yourself usually bring nothing yet misery.”

From 2015 onwards, Kane only made thin appearances in WWE, many of which have actually been tags team reunions with his most well known partners The Undertaker and Daniel Bryan.


Kane and also The Undertaker have actually periodically rejoined down the years

Many wrestlers have cited Kane’s intelligence over the years. That course, fans seldom noticed as result of how little his character spoke in the early going and the angry connotations that followed him throughout his WWE tenure, yet they were offered glimpse once he started writing blogs about his political views in 2008.

In may 2016, Kane, free from the ever-demanding full time WWE schedule, declared his attention in running for mayor of Knox County. In in march 2017, the officially gotten in the gyeongju as a republican.

First he won the republican primary by simply 17 votes to run for them, however he would success the actual choice in may 2018 by a landslide.

He has actually made appearances in WWE while offer in his duty as mayor – even acknowledging that on display – because being elected.

He won the 24/7 location from R-Truth and was struck by The Fiend in 2019.

From Kane’s perspective, ~ years v WWE, that wasn’t too difficult for the to set his love on something else.

“Going out and performing is constantly awesome, especially when girlfriend go the end for WrestleMania and there’s 100,000 people there.

“It’s the many incredible thing ever, it’s simply indescribable.

“By the exact same token, it’s tough work. Folks look and they see united state for 10 minutes on TV and also they think it is the entirety job. That a many harder 보다 that.

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“Everybody’s travelling every the time. Ns spent conveniently 250, 300 days a year top top the road for 20 years. That takes a toll fee on you. When civilization say ‘you’re acquiring beat increase a lot of in the ring,’ I’m like ‘that’s no the hard part!’ Yes, it’s very physical, but, you know, ns played football, ns played basketball, that’s the stuff i like. It’s the gaining there, obtaining to the next present that was frequently a challenge.”


Mayor Jacobs on the project trail

As Kane’s in-ring mortality crept closer, he started to realise his other passions in life. The large Red an equipment had learned how much influence government – national and local – deserve to have and for the following chapter of his life, he wanted to pat a part in that.

If a murderous wrestler could come to be a significant politician, there room truly no surprises left. Every that’s necessary is for The rock to provide the world want they want, come to be President and also lay the SmackDown top top Capitol Hill…