Was TWISTED SISTER's 'We're no Gonna take it It' based upon Christmas Carol 'O Come, all Ye Faithful'? JAY JAY FRENCH Responds

March 20, 20210Comments


In a new interview with Grand Haven, Michigan"s WMPA radio station, TWISTED SISTER guitarist Jay Jay French was asked if it"s true that the band"s standard song "We"re no Gonna take It" was based on the Christmas carol "O Come, all Ye Faithful". He responded (as transcribed by sdrta.net.NET): "When we began doing the Christmas record" — introduce to "A Twisted Christmas", which included TWISTED SISTER"s version of "O Come, all Ye Faithful" — "the hook of the — once we got over the idea of doing it — Dee <Snider, TWISTED SISTER singer> said one of these other guitar players in one of his solo projects said to , "You do understand that "O Come, all Ye Faithful" is the melody line because that "We"re not Gonna take it It"?" and also Dee goes, "Really?" He had no idea. For this reason we had transposed it, and also it worked. It"s not exact, but close. Yet it was never consciously done, and we didn"t understand this, and it wasn"t stated, till years later.

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"The Christmas album come out — think this or not — 14 year ago, and, the course, that tune was a large hit and also got us on the Jay Leno show and Craig Ferguson show and also " Regis and Kelly", and it gained a many media coverage, as soon as we were told that us were gonna suck and also the album was gonna bomb," French continued. "The album turned out to it is in the biggest-selling hefty metal Christmas album in history. And then word got out that the tune was reminiscent of this. But we didn"t know around it, and also Dee didn"t think around it, till he was told the by that guy while us were recording the album."

The opening five words in the lyrics of "O Come, every Ye Faithful" have actually the same melody as the chorus the "We"re not Gonna take It", but the Christmas carol follows a various chord progression and also is traditionally played in a various musical style to the TWISTED SISTER classic.

A mashup of "O Come, all Ye Faithful" and "We"re no Gonna take it It" to be performed during a live Christmas concert in Chicago and was featured in the 2014 phase musical "Dee Snider"s rock & role Christmas Tale".

Snider had previously admitted that glam rock tape SLADE and "O Come, every Ye Faithful" were influences while he was composing "We"re not Gonna take it It".

"A Twisted Christmas" featured metal versions the Christmas songs, consisting of "Oh Come every Ye Faithful". Likewise appearing on the LP were such vacation chestnuts together "Silver Bells" and "Let the Snow", propelling the album"s sales to much more than 150,000 copies and spawning a live Christmas present the tape performed yearly for numerous years.

In 2016, TWISTED SISTER embarked on one last trek, titled "Forty and also Fuck It", in solemn event of the 40th anniversary. These reflects featured the band"s "core lineup" the French, Snider, guitarist Eddie Ojeda and also bassist Mark Mendoza, in addition to drummer Mike Portnoy. The band"s last-ever concert took place in November of that year — 20 month after the pass of Pero.

TWISTED SISTER"s original run ended in the so late "80s. After much more than a decade, the band publicly rejoined in November 2001 to top the bill of New York Steel, a hard-rock advantage concert come raise money for the New York Police and Fire Widows" and also Children"s benefit Fund.

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