DIRECTV receivers, clients, and also DVRs support closed captioning. They have actually to. It’s the law. However, they also connect to your TV through an HDMI cable. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the straightforward HDMI spec doesn’t assistance closed captioning, many pay-TV service providers won’t automatically include it. They’re no alone – most other media and streaming boxes are this way too.

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It’s a dead because earlier in the ’00s, one of the most beneficial features of brand-new TVs was their capability to immediately turn ~ above captions if you mute the sound. V HDMI connections, you shed this function.

It’s really basic anyway

Enabling closeup of the door captioning ~ above a DIRECTV receiver, even one with the new Genie menus, is yes, really easy.


Start by watching live TV.Press the INFO switch on your remote.Arrow end to the CC menu (the symbol to the best of CC is the global symbol because that accessibility.)

From below you have actually two choices

Closed Captioning

This is the FCC-mandated specific implementation of closeup of the door captioning. Girlfriend can get in the setups menus and readjust the size or font if you need to.

DIRECTV Subtitles

This is an “improved” version of closed captions. Most world think it functions better, but due to the fact that it’s not 100% compliant v FCC standards they have to give you both choices.

Just arrow down to the one girlfriend want and also press pick on the remote. To turn captions off, follow the exact same procedure yet choose “Off.” There’s no much an ext to it than that.

About close up door captioning

Closed captioning was first mandated by the federal government in the 1970s. This was a time when a lot of regulations were being passed to help people with various needs. Those that couldn’t listen the sound ~ above the TV weren’t gaining the complete experience, for this reason the federal government mandated that all network programs be captioned.

By the 1980s captioning decoders were built into brand-new televisions, in order come comply v federal rules. It to be there that many folks discovered them. If most civilization don’t need captioning in order to enjoy TV programs, sometimes it’s nice come follow along while someone rather in the room is top top the phone call or asleep. That’s become the most usual use of closed captioning.

Why do they speak to it “closed captioning?”

The “captioning” part makes sense, the captions space the message translation the the words. But why “closed?” Originally, two types of inscription systems were going to be component of our tv world. Part programs would be captioned because that everyone and also those captions would be visible every the time. Various other programs would call for an outside box and wouldn’t be visible uneven you had one.

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Those always-on captions were dubbed “open captions” and if friend think about it that’s what you obtain if the language spoken on the display isn’t English. However, because all TVs now have captioning decoders, everyone have the right to decode the captions the were originally “closed” to all but a few people.