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True Crime: highways of LA Cheats for GameCube

custom Colors top top Nick"s automobile At the licence plate entry screen, organize R+L, and press up or down on the control stick. Among the wavering bars will change colors. Keep pushing up or down to role through countless different colors. Once the bar is your desired color, hit OK. Nick"s vehicle will be the shade of the wavering bar.

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Contributed by: JustinChar99

Menu display Manipulation

Use the C-Stick top top the key menu to scroll the monochrome city background forward and also backward in ~ will.

Contributed by: jeevan3

symbols on license Plate

When you start a new game and create your patent plate, you deserve to scroll through different symbols. Press L+R and also the manage stick left or ideal when developing your file.

Contributed by: Vegeta929

enormous Air Time

When girlfriend accidently (or purposely) upper and lower reversal your automobile upside down, the game counts this as ""Air Time"". The is possible to get massive air time by just lying upside down then getting earlier on your wheels. come get back on your wheels, friend must first have the Peel-out upgrade, where you must host accelerate and also brake with each other for a boost. If upside down, you will still have the ability to use this ability, so constantly execute this till your vehicle flips itself end again. When you execute this, the game registers this as your auto returning to it"s ""feet"", and also gives friend the ideal air time!

Contributed by: And1Viper

Run through Fences

While running right into an otherwise impassable fence, shoot her gun, then shoot again about 1 second later. You will certainly run through the fence.

Contributed by: schwagles bagels

Weapon Duplication

You require to have a weapon other than you traditional pistols friend hold. An initial way to perform this is if arresting someone you might sometimes accidentally fall your tools or so it seems. If you pull out your weapons you"ll still it is in holding them and there are two an ext weapons choose the people you to be holding ~ above the ground. The second means though slightly harder is through standing off the sidewalk say, ~ above the grass and also drop her weapons. If you pick them up in ~ the same time the display screen goes white to placed you on the sidewalk again you should be holding two of the one weapon you choose up or there have to be four weapons where you left them.

Contributed by: JEDIJIN

Map Screen button Codes...

Enter this on the map screen and not during gameplay:

impact Effect Left, Right, Left, Right, A Up, Down, Up, Down, A Right, Left, Right, Left, A Down, Down, Down, A up, left, up, left, right, Z, Y, X, under Y, X, Y, Y R,L, Dpad Up, Right, Left, Down,Z,Z,A,Y,X,Y Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, A UP+UP+UP + A
All Driving an abilities Unlockes
All Fighitng skills Unlocked
All Gunplay skills Unlocked
Bigger vehicle (must it is in in vehicle before you go into it top top the stop menu)
can walk through any object (buildings, cars, etc)
Show Nick"s Location
Snoop Dogg Is currently a Playabe Character
Unlock all impound garage cars
Your Cars go faster.

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Contributed by: St0nedf0rLyfeX, mancha02, mistral93, Killa1, crazy Nut

change Nick Kang Into:

Create a license plate with any type of one the the names noted below to turn into a different character. Before confirming the surname make certain that ok is lighted then hold L + R then check your plate name.

Become a biker
Become a blindfolded, sado-machoism donkey smoking cigarettes a cigarette
Become a butcher that is asian
Become a commando
Become a well known boxer
Become a mrs punk
Become a female through a tatoo top top every component of she body
Become a gambling asian
Become a gangster
Become a masculine punk
Become a nasty corpse
Become a pimp
Become a police officer v a higher rank
Become a S.W.A.T. Team member
Become a street bum
Become a working female asian
Become Johnson the police officer
Become her female boss
Become her partner
Become your partner yet in lingerie this time

Contributed by: St0nedf0rLyfeX

Unlockable characters...

Fulfill the demands to unlock the complying with characters:

Unlockable Unlockable collection 30 dog bones throughout the city that LA
Snoop Dog

Contributed by: St0nedf0rLyfeX

special FMV Extra...

Fulfill the requirement to obtain the unlockable FMV:

Unlockable Unlockable to win the video game with all of the three endings
Special FMV Extra

Contributed by: St0nedf0rLyfeX

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