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The Operator"s hand-operated is an essential part that your new outdoor power equipment. The will help you assemble, prepare, maintain and also safely run your machine. Your outdoor power tools was developed to be activate according to the rules and instructions for safe procedure which are had in the operator"s manual and on the an equipment itself.

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Safety rules and also instructions, if no followed, could endanger the personal safety and/or residential property of the operator and also others. Read and also follow every instructions in the manual before attempting to run your outdoor strength equipment. Similar to any type of strength equipment, carelessness or error ~ above the component of the operator can result in serious injury. Your an equipment is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects. Fail to watch the security rules and instructions, both on the machine and in the Operator"s Manual, could result in serious injury or death.

IMPORTANT: MTD, that is parents, affiliates and also subsidiaries, is concerned around the safety of the customers and also others. As result of the dimension of the Operator"s Manual, part Operator"s Manuals are damaged down into two or much more segments so that the entire Operator"s Manual can be download easily. Cub Cadet is requiring all those who wish come download a copy of the Operator"s manual to acknowledge that he/she will certainly download the part of the Operator"s hands-on that has the essential Safe operation Practices section, as declared below. This is come ensure that this ar is the review and available when operating, servicing and/or keeping the machine.

NOTICE: BY continuing I AFFIRM that I will certainly DOWNLOAD THAT part OF THE OPERATOR"S hands-on WHICH includes SECTION 1: important SAFE operation PRACTICES, and THAT I will certainly READ and also FOLLOW THE safety RULES and also INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED.

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By clicking "AGREE" below, you certify that you have actually read and also accepted the over notice.