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Transformers: Revenge of the fallen Cheats for PlayStation 3

Trophies complete each requirement to acquire the specified Trophy.

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Unlockable Unlockable Medal in every Autobot Cairo objectives Unlock every Autobot release Medal in all Decepticon Shanghai objectives Unlock every Decepticon publication knife Platinum Medals on all Autobot missions knife Platinum Medals on every Decepticon goals Medal in all Autobot Deep Six missions gain 3,000,000 Energon in Decepticon project win one RANKED/PLAYER complement game as Autobots and also one as Decepticons Medal in every Decepticon East coastline Missions Medal in every Autobot Shanghai goals Medal in all Autobot East coastline Missions While play One candlestick Stand, together the leader, death the the opposite leader in a RANKED/PLAYER complement game success a Control suggest round without losing a Control point in a RANKED/PLAYER match game Medal in all Decepticon Cairo missions hold one video game of each game kind in a PLAYER enhance game Earn all Trophies loss The Fallen as Optimus acquisition all Autobot Upgrades Medal in Decepticon Deep 6 Mission victory a complement as every of the 15 default characters acquisition all Decepticon Upgrades loss the Fallen together Megatron Medal in all Decepticon West coastline Missions Medal in every Autobot West coast Missions
A True Autobot (Gold)
A True Decepticon (Gold)
Aerialbot assault (Bronze)
Awesome Trophy! (Bronze)
Bad guys (Bronze)
Bonecrusher (Gold)
Break the bank (Bronze)
Cast in bronze (Bronze)
Choose a side (Bronze)
Coast to shore (Bronze)
Do the math (Bronze)
Down come Chinatown (Bronze)
East side (Bronze)
Follow the Leader (Bronze)
Golden young (Bronze)
Good Mojo (Silver)
Grind ~ above (Bronze)
Hold! (Bronze)
Lies (Bronze)
Life the the Party (Bronze)
More than Meets the Eye (Platinum)
Not Gold enough (Bronze)
On the board (Bronze)
One Shall loss (Bronze)
One Shall was standing (Bronze)
Only a element (Silver)
Platty for The Win! (Bronze)
Power to the world (Bronze)
Rise that The please (Bronze)
Smells choose Victory (Silver)
Spoils of battle (Bronze)
The living Dead (Bronze)
Traitor (Silver)
West coast For The Win! (Bronze)
West side (Bronze)

Contributed by: Mookiethebold

Transformers: Revenge of the collapse Cheat password

On the main Menu screen, role to whereby it claims Cheat Codes and also enter the codes there.

result Effect L1, O, L1, X, Square, R3 Triangle, Square, O, R3, X, Triangle L1, R1, R1, X, O, Triangle O, X, O, R1, /\, R1 Down, Up, Right, RIght, Left, increase Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, down Triangle, Triangle, O, X, Square, L1 L1, Triangle, X, Triangle, R3, R3 O, Square, L1, O, R3, Triangle Triangle, Triangle, R3, X, L1, Triangle Triangle, O, R1, Square, R3, L3 R3, X, Square, L3, Square, Square Square, Square, Triangle, L3, Triangle, L3 Square, L3, R3, L3, R3, R1 R3, X, L1, O, R3, L1 R3, Square, R3, R3, Square, X L3, Square, X, L3, Triangle, L3 R3, L1, L1, Triangle, Square, X Square, Triangle, Square, L1, X, L1 O, O, R1, O, X, L3 O, L3, Square, X, Triangle R3, Triangle, X, Triangle, L3, L1 Square, R1, Triangle, O, X, L1 R3, L3, R1, X, O, Square Triangle, L3, R3, L1, Triangle, X L1, R1, R3, Triangle, R3, O L1, Triangle, L1, O, Square, Square
Always in Overdrive Mode
Extra Energon (ex: 4x frrom defeated enemies)
G1 colors Ironhide (Single Player only)
G1 Starscream
Gold Megatron
Gold Optimus Prime
Increased foe Accuracy
Increased opponent Damage
Increased enemy Health
Increased Weapon damages in Robot Form
Increased Weapon damages in automobile Form
Low Gravity mode (Everyone jumps greater and longer)
Lower foe Accuracy
Melee instant Kills
No one-of-a-kind Cooldown Time
No Weapon Overheat
Play together Autobot Protectobot reconnaissance MP in Autobot based solitary Player (only when mission begins, not in character select) does not occupational in Deep 6.

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Plays together Decepticon Seeker Warrior MP in Decepticon Based solitary Player (only when mission begins, no in personality select)
Special death Only mode (Cannot kill opponents except through special kills)
Unlimited Turbo
Unlock every Cairo Missions and Zones
Unlock every Deep 6 Missions and also Zones
Unlock all East coast Missions and also Zones
Unlock every Shanghai Missions and also Zones
Unlock every West coastline Missions and also Zones
Unlock and also activate all Upgrades

Contributed by: Smokescreen_5, T81885

DLC Trophies

Complete each need to receive the Trophies.

Trophy Trophy defeat G1 Megatron v G1 Starscream (MP Only) death Movie Megatron v Movie Jazz using melee (MP Only) finish the Decepticon project on professional with a 75% completion loss G1 Optimus utilizing G1 Megatron (MP Only) success a ~ above each brand-new map. Sideswiped defeats sideways (MP Only) Soundwave defeats lengthy Haul (MP Only) finish the Autobot campaign on skilled with a 75% perfect loss G1 Megatron utilizing G1 Optimus (MP Only)
Everyone has a weakness (Bronze)
Jazz hands (Bronze)
Megatrons Massive arrangement (Silver)
Prime Target (Bronze)
Quest for survival (Bronze)
Sideswiped (Bronze)
Soundwave superior (Bronze)
The Autobot run (Silver)
Ultimate Weapon (Bronze)

Contributed by: Guard grasp

Walkthroughs & FAQs

kind Name paper Size general FAQs
FAQ/Walkthrough through oldschool312 151K