Tragedy is a broad topic; there room many aspects of a tragedy. A tragedy has events arousing the emotions the pity and fear. These emotions can specify a tragedy and also are evoked once watching the beat or reading the drama. In Romeo and also Juliet by wilhelm Shakespeare, the two main characters, Romeo and also Juliet, endure events that arouse pity and also fear from the reader. An Aristotelian tragedy is a specific type of tragedy outlined through Aristotle. In this type of tragedy, a cause-and-effect chain take away place and also the characters' fate is identified by your tragic flaw. There is no predestined fate; the character's fate is totally in the your hands. A common tragedy encounters fate being the factor that identify the events which take location in the drama. The characters have no regulate over the outcome in a regular tragedy. Even if it is a tragedy is Aristotelian or not is open up to interpretation. Romeo and Juliet were brought to an Aristotelian ending because of their unfortunate disastrous flaws and the proof of tragic emotions/catharsis.To begin, Romeo's tragic flaw is the over-exaggeration the his emotions. Romeo acts as well emotional when taking care of large-scale issues. Because that instance, that overreacts as soon as he learns of his banishment from Verona. The proceeds to cry hysterically ~ above the floor in Friar Lawrence's cell. Romeo's emotions gain the ideal of him and also he ends up feeling hopeless. His emotions lead him to have a very an unfavorable outlook: “There is no people without Verona walls,/ but purgatory, torture, hell itself./ therefore banished is banish'd indigenous the world” (III, iii,18-20). This quote mirrors Romeo's check out of life external of Verona. Romeo completely overreacts to his banishment and also appears an extremely desperate come the Friar. As a result, the Friar thi...... Middle of record ......s prove the Romeo and Juliet is an Aristotelian tragedy. Romeo's significant flaw that acting also emotional is specifically the reason his life ends in a catastrophic death. Together well, Juliet's tragic cons of foolish decision-making leads her to very early death. Many emotions are evoked indigenous the reader, such together pity and also fear; the two key emotions that a tragedy. A catharsis, or purging of tragic emotions, wake up which proves that the play is one Aristotelian tragedy. The catharsis is a main facet of this form of tragedy. The two families were able come apologize come each various other at the end of the play and a healthy balance replace instead instead the catastrophic emotions.

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A tragedy consists of many different elements, but certain species of tragedies have characterized elements. Come finish, Romeo and also Juliet is a classic Aristotelian tragedy since of the disastrous flaws, disastrous emotions, and also an unforgettable catharsis.