With the soccer season in full swing, NFL jerseys are offering as quick as ever. Now that rookies have had actually a possibility to win over the hearts of fans, countless first-round choose from the 2021 NFL Draft room the peak sellers.

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From respectable 1-September 7, Buffalo bills star quarterback josh Allen had actually the top-selling jersey according to NFLShop.com. V Buffalo playing well, it’s no surprised to watch Bills Mafia scooping increase Allen’s jersey. Though, Derrick Henry’s performance in primetime versus Allen’s bills have likewise earned that a spot.

Ja’Marr Chase‘s continued dominance has helped him earn a ar in the height ten this week, involvement a couple of other rookies. Right here is a perform of the top-selling NFL jerseys right now.

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10. Justin fields jersey (Chicago Bears)

Ken Blaze-USA this day Sports

While it took him part time to surpass Andy Dalton as the QB1 in Chicago, previous Ohio State QB Justin fields will acquire his opportunity as the bear starter for the foreseeable future. Bears fans currently have your Walter Payton and also Mike Ditka jerseys, so now they’re scooping increase one of areas too.

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9. Aaron Rodgers jersey (Green bay Packers)

Aaron Rodgers celebrate his rushing touchdown throughout the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bears.Syndication Usa Today

When he’s not campaigning to host Jeopardy!, Aaron Rodgers additionally happens to it is in a nice darn good quarterback. The two-time MVP, super Bowl-winning quarterback who constantly seems to find a TV whether it’s playing guitar in State farm commercials, drink at Milwaukee Bucks games, or you know playing because that the environment-friendly Bay Packers, world can’t get sufficient of AR12.

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8. Darren Waller jersey (Las las vegas Raiders)

Oct 17, 2021; Denver, Colorado, USA; las Vegas Raiders tight finish Darren Waller (83) celebrates defeating the Denver Broncos at Empower field at Mile High. Obligated Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA this day Sports

As the finest player top top the ras Vegas Raiders, tight finish Darren Waller has one that the top-selling NFL jerseys ideal now. Waller is a distinct story, see him battle through adversity to come to be one that the best players in the video game is miscellaneous else. It also likely helps his jersey sales by being among the more exciting football player to clock in football.

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7. Mac Jones jersey (New England Patriots)

David servant II-USA today Sports

New England Patriots fans room trying their hardest to manifest Mac Jones right into being the reincarnation that Tom Brady in Boston, however he’s no there. There were plenty of Jones jerseys on display in Boston ahead of the TB12 reunion, yet let’s be honest, they’d trade in your No. 10 for another 12 in a heartbeat. For now, Patriots fans have the right to celebrate their rookie signal-caller having a top-selling jersey in the NFL. No bad.

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6. Dak Prescott jersey (Dallas Cowboys)

Matthew Emmons-USA today Sports

As the franchise player for the Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott has elevated his pat every season. A perennial MVP candidate, pan of all eras throughout the football neighborhood are thrilled once they get a Dak Cowboys jersey.

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5. Lamar Jackson jersey (Baltimore Ravens)

Oct 11, 2021; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) overcome the ball as Indianapolis Colts defensive end Tyquan Lewis (94) defends throughout the 3rd quarter in ~ M&T financial institution Stadium. Obligated Credit: Geoff Burke-USA now Sports

One of the most amazing players in football, it’s a surprise Lamar Jackson’s jersey doesn’t location even greater in sales. Still, the 2019 NFL MVP has cracked the peak ten and is play the ideal football that his career.

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4. Joe Burrow jersey (Cincinnati Bengals)

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) litter a happen in the third quarter that the NFL main 7 game in between the Baltimore Ravens and also the Cincinnati Bengals in ~ M&T financial institution Stadium in Baltimore on Sunday, Oct. 24, 2021. The Bengals moved right into the peak of the AFC North v a 41-17 success over the Ravens.Xxx 1024bengals Ravens Nfl 70 Jpg S Cin Det Usa Md

They said it couldn’t be done. He to be told the Cincinnati Bengals sucked and also that the shouldn’t want to play for the franchise. Joe Burrow claimed screw that, let’s go success this thing, in Ohio. He’s to be awesome in the NFL, top the Bengals come a 5-2 record. Fans room buying in.

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3. Derrick Henry jersey (Tennessee Titans)

Andrew Nelles / Tennessean.com / USA now NETWORK

Fans love Derrick Henry, and also for great reason. Few players space as intimidating, particularly on offense. A leading performance on Monday Night Football has only helped construct the hype. Currently everyone wants to rock the King Henry jersey.

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2. Ja’Marr chase jersey (Cincinnati Bengals)

Oct 24, 2021; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Cincinnati Bengals large receiver Ja Marr follow (1) runs with the ball in the 2nd quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T financial institution Stadium. Causing obligation Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA now Sports

By much the leading Rookie of the Year candidate thanks to his remarkable performances to feather the Bengals atop the AFC North, Ja’Marr chase is taking the league by storm. The won’t it is in long prior to you start seeing Chase’s No. 1 Bengals jersey everywhere the place.

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1. Josh Allen jersey (Buffalo Bills)

Oct 10, 2021; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Buffalo receipt quarterback mockery Allen (17) operation the ball versus the Kansas City Chiefs throughout the second half at GEHA ar at Arrowhead Stadium. Causing obligation Credit: Denny Medley-USA this particular day Sports

The Buffalo bills are one of the finest teams in football. Their bazooka-armed quarterback mockery Allen is among the most interesting players come watch and has occurred into a true MVP candidate. After reaching the AFC Championship game in 2020, Allen’s jersey is one of the top-selling NFL jerseys in the world.