To maintain the chromosome variety of an organism, the gametes need to A. Be developed by meiosis. B. Be developed by mitosis. C. End up being recessive. D. Become diploid.
To maintain the chromosome number of an organism, the gametes need to A. Be developed by meiosis. B. Be produced by mitosis. C. Become recessive. D. Become diploid.

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How does mitosis different from cytokinesis? A. Mitosis synthesizes the nucleus, when cytokinesis synthesizes sister chromatids. B. Mitosis duplicates chromosomes, if cytokinesis duplicates the nucleus. C. Mitosis divides the nucleus, while cytokinesis divides the cytoplasm. D. Mitosis the end chromosomes, if cytokinesis the end DNA.
Mitosis divides the nucleus, if cytokinesis divides the cytoplasm. Is finest explain that mitosis differ from cytokinesis.
Which type of evidence first provided scientists with an understanding of the massive extinction of dinosaurs? A. DNA B. Fossils C. Genetic profiles D. Written documents
DNA is the form of evidence first provided scientists with an expertise of the fixed extinction of dinosaurs.
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