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By the moment Dragonforce go to occupational on their third album, 2006’s Inhuman Rampage, they were already scrambling up metal’s ranks. It to be lead solitary Through The Fire and The Flames, however, that introduced a whole brand-new audience – many notably a whole bunch the Guitar Hero III gamers – come the UK squad’s strength anthems, monster noises and demented solos. Guitarist Herman Li remembers the track that made the band a household name.

People acquired pretty confused by the intro

“When we very first started play that track live us didn’t have any type of acoustic guitars, so we told the key-board player come play the acoustic bit on the keyboard. So there to be a confusion around the start for a year or 2 that the acoustic etc on the album is not actually acoustic. Yet we just couldn’t be bothered doing the live properly for the very first two years.”

It introduced our trademark Pac-Man sound

“I was messing about with the Pac-Man noise but never actually found an chance where I believed it would certainly be cool to use it in a song. That was sort of the design template for the album; stuff we hadn’t done before that we hadn’t heard other bands do: this noises of retro videogames that we like. A etc string likewise broke in the recording and we simply left the there because we thought it was cool. It became seven minutes long, and also I guess: v it ended up being our most renowned song.”

Guitarist Sam Totman to be hammered filming the video

“But he might still play. He constantly had at the very least 10 beers before a show ago then, therefore it was nothing for him. Sam was controlling himself since it to be our very first music video, yet then the couldn’t do it anymore and he said, ‘I’m walking to obtain fucking drunk. I’m done standing approximately behaving.’ for this reason he simply started drinking. We left his drunkenness in there, and then it just became a point for us: drink and shred.”

We weren"t ready for that spotlight

“We’re musicians that never ever did music to it is in successful; we’re just doing it since it’s fun. When Through The Fire and also Flames hit America, it to be a whole different game. To be honest, us were no ready, and that’s one thing I’ve learnt. We were simply a bunch that idiots at the time. We didn’t have the facilities of a professional, world-touring band. The all taken place so quick. We had actually to jump on this tours and also we didn’t have time come rehearse few of the songs and also we need to have. I’m simply being ethical here!”

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Guitar Hero was a blessing and also a curse

“People have the right to use Guitar Hero come slag united state off and also say, ‘Oh it’s since of Guitar Hero the they got big.’ yet to it is in honest, no, since we’d excellent a massive people tour prior to that video game hit the keep and later on it just carried on generating interest in the band. So it assisted us but then ns heard fans that were like, ‘I provided to like you guys but not anymore since my 10-year-old sister was into Dragonforce also from play Guitar Hero.’ friend can’t win. But it made united state a family members name in a most countries and we gained a platinum record for Through The Fire and also Flames in America, with much more than a million sold.”

The track actually sound really an excellent underwater

“In 2015, on full Metal Cruise, there was a swimming pool in front of the stage, so ns was like, ‘Let’s play it live in the pool!’ ns was holding mine breath under the water with the etc floating above my head and just playing it. Ns thought, ‘We have to do something funny here.’ If we’re on a cruise and you check out water about us, mean the unexpected.”

Dragonforce"s recent Reaching to Infinity is out currently and available to buy native Amazon.

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