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When girlfriend print, page breaks appear automatically wherein content on a paper "breaks", or continues to the following page. In Normal view, they appear as dashed horizontal and vertical lines; in Page rest Preview view, they show up as solid bold lines between the pages v the web page number overlaid in the center. Friend can change where automatic web page breaks occur, and add your very own page division manually. You deserve to remove hands-on page breaks, but you can"t eliminate automatic page breaks. However, girlfriend can change column widths or margins, or range the sheet dimension to to the right the content on fewer pages.

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Page division as shown in Page rest Preview view:


View web page breaks

Click the View tab top top the ribbon, and also choose Page rest Preview.


Click File > Print (


In the Print dialog box, you have the right to view a rapid preview of exactly how the pages will certainly print, and also use the left/right buttons to watch each page.

Click Cancel to close the Print dialog box.

After girlfriend close the publish dialog box, dashed lines appear on your sheet that show where pages will certainly break.

Note: To hide the dashed lines, click Excel > Preferences > View, and also then under Show in Workbook, clear the Page breaks inspect box.

Insert a horizontal or vertical hand-operated page break

Do one of the following:

To insert a

Do this

Horizontal page break

Select the heat underneath the row wherein you want the web page to break.

Vertical page break

Select the column to the best of the shaft where you want the web page to break.

On the Page Layout tab, click Breaks, and also then click Insert web page Break.

Move a web page break

On the View tab, click Page rest Preview.

Rest the tip on the web page break line until the pointer alters to a

, and also then traction the page break line to a brand-new location.

Note: When you move an automatic page break, it transforms to a hand-operated page break. Hands-on page breaks space not changed automatically.

Remove a manual page break

Do among the following:

To remove a

Do this

Horizontal web page break

Select the row below the web page break.

Vertical page break

Select the obelisk to the ideal of the page break.

On the Page Layout tab, click Breaks, and then click Remove web page Break.

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Remove all manual page breaks

On the Page Layout tab, click Breaks, and then click Reset All page Breaks.