T or F: The Windows covering is responsible for interacting with hardware.F2T or F: The home editions of home windows 7 do not incorporate the neighborhood Security plan or print Management.T3T or F: You perform not need to be logged on as an administrator in stimulate to use tools discovered in computer Management.F4T or F: Windows job Scheduler have the right to be set to start a job or routine at a future time, consisting of at startup.T5T or F: there is no undo function in the it is registered Editor.T6What job Manager tab reflects running processes arranged by Apps, background processes, and also Windows processes?Processes7What job can’t be performed through using job Manager?Restart a Process8What windows utility have the right to be provided to find out what procedures are introduced at startup?System Configuration9Where can a user find out much more information around a hardware or network fail that emerged on that particular PC?Event Viewer10What Windows utility is particularly useful in identifying software and also hardware bottlenecks, and provides the ability to screen in real time?Performance Monitor11Using what utility allows you to develop your very own customized console windows?Microsoft management Console12When troubleshooting a machine or service that has actually failed to start, what utility may have actually information concerning the cause?Event Viewer13What is the term given to the individual tools in a console?snap-ins14What registry an essential stores details that determines which applications is opened as soon as a user double-clicks a file?HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT15If you have to see information about problems and also errors that have happened over time, what utility have to you use?Reliability Monitor16What Windows utility is provided to control the Windows and third-party services installed on a system?Services console17Shell subsystems that have actually only a limited access to system information and also can accessibility hardware only through various other OS solutions are operation in what mode?user mode18What Performance respond to tracks the portion of time the tough drive is in use?% disc Time19What record holds the preferences and settings the the currently signed-in user?ntuser.dat20What registry vital is taken into consideration to it is in the most essential key, include hardware, software, and security data?HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE21If a video game or desktop publishing application that relies greatly on graphic is not performing well or giving errors, what command deserve to you operation to watch DirectX information?dxdiag.exe22When a user logs right into Windows, what registry key is created?HKEY_CURRENT_USER23Within the Properties crate of a business in the services console, what is not a precious startup type for a service?Scheduled24A tradition view filter in event Viewer can be saved to a file using what extension?.evtx25If you require to discover the model and also speed the the mounted processor and also hard drive and the quantity of memory installed, what utility must you open?msinfo32.exe26What tabs discovered in the Windows task Manager dialog box? (Choose all that apply).Performance, Startup, Processes27What utilities have the right to be accessed using the computer system Management window? (Choose all that apply).Performance Monitor& event Viewer28What varieties of events are logged through Windows and can be perceived using the event Viewer? (Choose all the apply).Information, Warning, and also Error29Regarding the power Monitor utility, i m sorry statements space accurate? (Choose all the apply.)can save data in logs, help to identify bottlenecks, deserve to monitor in genuine time30The home windows kernel contains what two key components?HAL, executive services31can be collection to beginning a job or regime at a future time, consisting of at startupTask Scheduler32a windows tool useful for troubleshooting hardware or network failures, OS error messages, failed services and more.Event Viewer33uses a flash journey or secure digital (SD) memory map to boost hard journey performanceWindows ReadyBoot34lets you see the applications and processes running on her computer and also information about process and memory performance, network activity, and also user activityTask Manager35a database designed through a treelike structure that has configuration details for Windows, users, software applications, and also installed hardware devicesRegistry36The main point of the OS the is responsible for communicating with hardwareKernel37the part of an OS that relates come the user and to applicationsShell38A home window that consolidates numerous Windows governmental tools the you deserve to use to regulate the local PC or other computers on the networkComputer Management39A regimen that runs in the background and also is referred to as on by various other programs to do a elevator taskService40a component of the kernel which makes up the great closest come the hardwareHAL

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