Alice In Wonderland: 10 points Everyone Missed about The White Queen top top the surface, not much is known about the White Queen. Here are ten details everyone may have missed in Tim Burton"s Alice in Wonderland movies.

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The White Queen is a personality from Lewis Carroll"s Through the spring Glass, a sequel come his novel Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland. Both novels have been adapted, and sometimes merged in the process, many times, the most recent that which are the Tim Burton produced films Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Alice: with the spring Glass (2016).

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The White Queen is just one of the main personalities in both of these films, where she is additionally given the name Mirana of Marmoreal and is play by anne Hathaway. Like many of the inhabitants in Wonderland, or Underland, no a lot of is well-known for details about her. However, if viewers really pay attention, they may be able to catch much more information around her than they realize. Below are ten such details.

~ she and a slightly oversized Alice satisfy for the very first time in Alice in Wonderland, she uses to assist Alice come to be her normal size as soon as again. The White Queen bring away Alice come a various room in the castle from the room through the champion"s armor and the Vorpal sword where they previously were. Upon opened the door, Mirana automatically ducks, preventing a liquid that was thrown in her and also the door"s direction.

The march Hare, also known as Thackeray Earwicket, remained in the room, struggling come make soup and also making a mess by throw ingredients and dishes.

This is a information viewers will only notice if they have read Through the feather Glass. In the novel, she is married to the White King. The White King is noticeably absent from both Tim Burton films. He neither shows up nor is mentioned. Because of this, the is for sure to assume the Mirana is unmarried and also rules by herself.

The only king to appear in either movie is Iracebeth (the Red Queen) and also Mirana"s father. That does not share Mirana"s mostly white and pale aesthetic and also instead dons what is considered classic clothing of brother royalty and also is never ever referred to together the White King, meaning he is most likely not the White King.

The White Queen and Red Queen"s lock were designed come look comparable to Cinderella"s lock in Disney World. Neither castle is precise match, however the symmetry and also the color scheme of Mirana"s castle are very close to Cinderella"s castle. Iracebeth"s castle"s design much more closely matches the architecture of Cinderella"s castle. Again, though, the is not specific match and also Iracebeth"s castle"s color scheme instead matches Iracebeth"s shade scheme.

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Both that the Wonderland castles" designs are basically two versions that what Cinderella"s castle could have looked choose if Tim Burton were in charge of that is design.

7 She"s Technically The True Owner of The Vorpal Sword

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice infiltrates the Red Queen"s castle and obtains the Vorpal sword essential to defeat the Jabberwocky ~ above Frabjous day. She takes the sword ago to the White Queen"s kingdom top top the Bandersnatch. Top top receiving the knife from Alice, the White Queen takes the sword, with Alice following, come the armory whereby the champion"s armor is kept, remarking the the knife is when again home.

Even though the Vorpal knife was come be offered by the champion (Alice) to loss the Jabberwocky, the sword"s true house is in the White Queen"s castle, definition that the sword is likely a possession of the White Queen"s, just to be temporarily offered by Alice.

In the Tim Burton films, the White Queen and also the Red Queen are sisters, which is different from Carroll"s novels. In the an initial film, Mirana mentions in passing that she is the younger sister. It is a line the is quickly missed. The Red Queen later on brings up the she is older as soon as the two sisters face off just prior to Alice fights the Jabberwocky. Since it is discussed just before the activity starts, it is an quickly forgotten line.

This facet of the connection is explored an ext in Alice: through the spring Glass, together Mirana come of period the exact same day Iracebeth is to get her crown. Later in the film, the sister are presented as children and also are depicted as having actually a an ext stereotypical larger sister, younger sister dynamic.

5 She was The Favorite Daughter

Not just was the White Queen younger 보다 the Red Queen, yet she also seemed to it is in favored over her older sister. Your father was fast to publicly surname Mirana as his successor over Iracebeth after ~ the latter"s very public and also threateningly violent outburst upon her crown not fitting she head and also her subjects laughing at her.

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Then, once the younger execution of the sisters are shown, their mother was an ext inclined to think Mirana"s lie around not eat a tart and then implicating Iracebeth as soon as Iracebeth was insistent the she did no eat the tart and Mirana to be lying.

lot like in other versions of the Alice stories, the Red Queen, or the Queen the Hearts, has an army resembling playing cards. The White Queen, however, has actually an military resembling chess pieces, most likely as a homage to her character in the novel, i m sorry is usually depicted alongside chess motifs.

The military only provides a short appearance in the first film as ago up come the White Queen, together the mad Hatter, Bayard Hamar, and Nivens McTwisp, as they confront off against her sister and also her military while Alice fights, and also ultimately defeats, the Jabberwocky top top Frabjous day.

3 Possibly only She And Iracebeth Have accessibility To Time"s Realm

once the White Queen and agency send Alice come go earlier in time to aid the mad Hatter, she bring away Alice to a room with an old, chained up grandfather clock the she provides magic come unchain prior to sending Alice inside. Furthermore, she knows the Time dwells a "mile past the pendulum." as soon as Time meet Alice, that remarks that it should be difficult that she is there at all.

However, the Red Queen appears in Time"s realm shortly after and also Time is no surprised in ~ all and also even appears to have arisen some kind of romantic connection with Iracebeth, an interpretation that she has actually easy accessibility to his realm. Indigenous these ethereal details provided visually and through dialogue, it would be for sure to i think that only the sisters should be able to freely come and also go native Time"s realm.

The White Queen is typically depicted together graceful and elegant in the films, through her hands increased to about the elevation of her shoulders. She maintains this composure transparent the majority of the 2 films, v one notable exception.

Bayard, a hound dog being hosted captive through the Red Queen, escapes and also returns come Marmoreal come tell Mirana that Alice has actually returned. As soon as she look at Bayard approaching, she sends out her advisors away and also as soon as they space out that sight, she breaks away indigenous her typical composure and also urgently operation to meet Bayard, meaning that her elegance is simply for show.

1 She has actually A Darker Side 보다 She Likes come Show

other than grace and elegance, the White Queen additionally has a call for being type to she subjects, unlike her older sister. However, she has actually moments throughout the two movies that show that she is not nice every one of the time. As soon as making the potion, Mirana remarks that she understands she sister"s mindset more than Alice thinks she does, definition she might have a cruel next she hides far behind vows no to damage a life thing.

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Another circumstances is in the 2nd film in i m sorry the younger Mirana blames she sister for eating a tart as soon as they to be not claimed to. Granted, she was a child, however her actions throughout that time to be still daunting for she to take ownership of together an adult.

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