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Interstellar gas is composed mainly of 1)A) only hydrogen.B) ammonia, methane, and also water vapor.C) 10% hydrogen, 90% helium by numbers of atoms.D) part hydrogen, however mainly carbon dioxide.E) 90% hydrogen, 9% helium by weight.
What wake up to light passing through also thin clouds the dust? 2)A) that motion causes the irradiate of stars beyond to twinkle.B) its motion causes all light to it is in red shifted together it passes through these clouds.C) the dims and also reddens the irradiate of all much more distant stars.D) The light that passes despite them is blue shifted as result of the cloud"s approach.E) also a small can totally block every light, such as the Horsehead Nebula.
i m sorry statement around dark dust clouds is true? 3)A) They deserve to be penetrated just with longer wavelengths such as radio and also infrared.B) They comprise the majority of the mass of the Galaxy.C) They can be penetrated only with shorter waves, such together UV and also X-ray.D) Hydrogen and helium are the chief absorbing and scattering agents.E) lock block the vast bulk of radio waves from our Galaxy.
Some areas along the aircraft of the Milky way appear dark because 4)A) plenty of black holes absorb all light native those directions.B) there space no stars in this areas.C) stars in that region are concealed by dark dust particles.D) countless brown dwarfs in those locations absorb light, which they turn right into heat.E) stars in that region are surprise by interstellar gas.
emissions nebulae favor M42 take place only near stars the emit huge amounts the 5)A) X-rays and also gamma rays.B) visible light.C) infrared heat.D) ultraviolet radiation.E) microwaves.
What is the major visible shade of an emission nebula? 6)A) blue because of ionized helium atomsB) blue indigenous the scattering that light off the tiny moleculesC) black, since of dustD) red since of reddening through dustE) red as result of ionized hydrogen atom
because of absorption of shorter wavelengths by interstellar dust clouds, distant stars appear 7)A) brighter.B) bluer.C) redder.D) larger.E) to have actually a higher radial velocity.
The spectra the interstellar gas clouds display that they have the same straightforward composition as 8)A) interstellar dust.B) Earth"s atmosphere.C) the Martian polar caps.D) stars.E) nobody of the above.
which statement is true around the interstellar medium? 9)A) Dust is spread out uniformly through the galaxy.B) Dust block the longest electromagnetic wavelengths.C) Gas obscures the irradiate from distant stars.D) us know more about the gas 보다 the dust.E) Gas contains a many carbon atoms.
The thickness of interstellar dust is really low, yet it still blocks starlight due to the fact that 10)A) the dust particles space irregular in shape.B) the is so cold that absorbs greater energy photons.C) there is 100 times more opaque gas than dust present in the ISM.D) the dust corpuscle are around the same size as the irradiate waves they absorb.E) ice particles reflect all light ago toward their stars, not toward us.
What two things are essential to create an emissions nebulae? 11)A) hot stars and also interstellar gas, specifically hydrogenB) hydrogen fusion and helium ionizationC) interstellar gas and also dustD) cool stars and much interstellar dustE) hydrogen gas and carbon dust
A huge gas cloud in the interstellar tool that has several kind O and also B stars would certainly appearto us as12)A) a dark patch against a glowing background.B) a dark nebula.C) a enjoy nebula.D) an emission nebula.E) glowing blue.
Neutral hydrogen atom are best studied native their power given off together 13)A) Neutral hydrogen gives off no detectable radiation, since it is cold, no hot.B) 0.2 nm as X-rays.C) 121.3 nm together Lyman alpha emission in the UV.D) 21-cm tide in the radio region.E) red hydrogen alpha emission, in ~ 656.3 nm.
complicated molecules in the interstellar medium are uncovered 14)A) only approximately the supergiant stars like Betelgeuse the make their heavy atoms.B) uniformly transparent the disk of the Galaxy.C) mostly in the thick dust clouds.D) on the surface of the coolest class K and M stars only.E) scattered same throughout the universe, a product the the huge Bang itself.
Why are dark dust clouds largely misnamed? 15)A) The cloud is an illusion, because that the dust is evenly distributed about the Galaxy.B) it is ice, no dust, which do them look at dark.C) Dust clouds do radiate energy, but not as lot light together the stars do.D) they contain much much more gas 보다 dust.E) all of the above are correct.
The median temperature the the common dark areas in an are are 16)A) 3,000 K. B) 0 K. C) 2.73 K. D) 100 K. E) 6,000 K.
when an electron in hydrogen transforms its spin indigenous the exact same to opposing direction as theproton, it17)A) no emits nor absorbs a photon.B) absorbs a radio tide photon.C) emits one X-ray photon.D) absorbs a visible irradiate photon.E) emits a radio tide photon.
Interstellar dust clouds are ideal observed at what wavelength? 18)A) clearly shows onlyB) Visible and UVC) UV and infraredD) Radio and X-rayE) Radio
i beg your pardon of this is not a an effect of dust in the interstellar medium? 19)A) red light from the emissions nebulaeB) reddening the stars" light that passes through the dustC) the dark nebulae that block 90% the the Milky method from united state visuallyD) blue have fun nebulae about the PleiadesE) all of these are consequences.
that is vital to study interstellar dust due to the fact that 20)A) over there is virtually as much mass in between the stars as therre is in them.B) this is whereby stars are formed.C) old stars expel their matter here when castle die.D) every one of the above.E) its not necessary at all.
enjoy nebula have their blue colour since 21)A) they are an extremely high temperature.B) the interstellar dust absorbs the red light.C) the interstellar dust deflects the blue light.D) helium is the main absorber and also emits irradiate in this colour.E) they are really low temperature.
What is true of emissions nebula? 22)A) they room often component of much larger interstellar clouds.B) their temperature deserve to exceed that of our sun.C) they space bigger 보다 earth.D) they create an emission spectrum.E) all of the above.
during the T-Tauri step of a protostar, it 1)A) lies on the main sequence.B) may build very strong winds.C) expands dramatically.D) begins a duration of reduced activity.E) alters its spin direction.
What is the an essential core temperature forced for fusion? 2)A) 5,800 KB) 10 million KC) 3,000 KD) 100 million KE) 1 million K
i m sorry statement about the step of starbirth is false? 3)A) atom reactions begin in the core by phase 4.B) The T-Tauri wind is widespread in stage 5.C) By phase 3, the star has created a photosphere.D) At stage 1, only the cloud exists.E) By phase 7, the star has actually reached the key sequence.
On an H-R diagram, a protostar would certainly be 4)A) over and near the top left the the main sequence.B) above and come the best of the main sequence.C) on the main sequence in ~ the extreme lower right.D) below and also to the left the the key sequence.E) below and near the right side the the main sequence.
The single most crucial determinant the the temperature, density, radius, luminosity,and pace of development of a protostar is its5)A) magnetic field.B) molecular composition.C) mass.D) spin.E) chemistry composition.
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