a combining form occurring in loanwords indigenous Greek (bibliography); ~ above this model, supplied in the formation of compound words with the an interpretation “book” (bibliophile), and sometimes through the an interpretation “Bible” (bibliolatry, top top the model of idolatry).

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Biblical Aramaic, Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Latin, Biblicism, Biblicist, biblio-, biblioclast, bibliofilm, bibliog., bibliogony, bibliograph

Biblio- is a combining type used like a prefix definition “book” and also occasionally, “Bible.”

Biblio- comes from the Greek biblíon, an interpretation “book.” You deserve to learn more about its connection to the scriptures at ours entry for the word.

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Biblíon likewise appears in words bibliography, indigenous the Greek bibliographía, precise “book-writing.” A bibliography—as the many of united state who’ve ever made one know well—is a perform of source materials the are used or consulted in the ready of a job-related or the are referred to in the text.

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Examples that biblio-

Would you describe yourself as a bibliophile? A bibliophile is “a person who loves and collects books.”

If you’ve been reading carefully, friend know currently that biblio- means “book,” but what around the -phile portion of the word? The combining kind -phile, native the Greek philos an interpretation “dear, loving,” means “lover of, enthusiast for.” So, bibliophile literally equates to “book lover”!

What room some indigenous that usage the combining type biblio-?

What room some other develops that biblio- might be generally confused with?

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The combining form -phobia method “fear,” commonly an irrational fear. Through this in mind, what is bibliophobia?

How to use biblio- in a sentence

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British sdrta.net interpretations for biblio-

combining form
indicating book or booksbibliography; bibliomania

Word beginning for biblio-

from Greek biblion book


chernozemnoun | SEE DEFINITION
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