As a U.S. Room of job employee, you will aid to foster, promote, and also develop the welfare that the fairy earners, job seekers, and retirees that the unified States; enhance working conditions; advancement opportunities for lucrative employment; and assure job-related benefits and rights, and much more. Uncover out more about our agencies:

Bureau of worldwide Labor affairs (ILAB)

ILAB"s mission is to encourage a fair an international playing ar for employees in the united States and around the world by enforcing profession commitments, strengthening labor standards, and also combating worldwide child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking.

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Bureau of job Statistics (BLS)

The office of job Statistics is the primary federal firm responsible because that measuring labor industry activity, functioning conditions, and price transforms in the economy. Its mission is to collect, analyze, and disseminate essential economic information to assistance public and also private decision-making. Together an independent statistical agency, BLS serves its varied user neighborhoods by offering products and also services that room objective, timely, accurate, and also relevant.

Employee benefits Security administration (EBSA)

The mission that the Employee benefits Security management is to guarantee the security of the retirement, health and other workplace related benefits of America"s workers and their families. EBSA accomplishes this mission by arising effective regulations; assisting and educating workers, plan sponsors, fiduciaries and service providers; and also vigorously enforcing the law.

Employment and also Training management (ETA)

The mission that the Employment and Training administration is to contribute to the much more efficient to work of the U.S. Labor sector by giving high-quality task training, employment, labor sector information, and income maintenance services primarily through state and also local workforce advance systems.

Mine Safety and Health management (MSHA)

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health management (MSHA) functions to prevent death, illness, and injury from mining and also promote safe and healthful workplaces for U.S. Miners.

MSHA carries out the provisions the the commonwealth Mine Safety and Health act of 1977 (Mine Act) together amended by the Mine improvement and brand-new Emergency an answer (MINER) action of 2006.

The company develops and enforces safety and also health rule for every U.S. Mines regardless of size, variety of employees, commodity mined, or method of extraction. MSHA likewise provides technical, educational and other types of aid to mine operators. We job-related cooperatively through industry, labor, and also other federal and state agencies to improve safety and health problems for every miners in the unified States.

Occupational Safety and Health management (OSHA)

With the work-related Safety and also Health action of 1970, Congress developed the occupational Safety and also Health management to guarantee safe and healthful working problems for working men and also women by setup and obtrude standards and by offering training, outreach, education and assistance.

Office of Congressional and also Intergovernmental work (OCIA)

The Office of Congressional and also Intergovernmental Affairs offer to development the Secretary"s mission promoting the department of Labor as the room of opportunity to policy makers both in Washington and also throughout state and also local governments. OCIA assists the Secretary the Labor, Deputy Secretary, firm heads, and also departmental employee to develop effective programs and strategies to attain the Department"s legislature goals and also objectives. OCIA likewise coordinates through Departmental leadership to educate policymakers about the Department"s programs and also federal labor issues.

Office the the Assistant Secretary for management and management (OASAM)

OASAM provides the infrastructure and support that permits the department of job to perform its mission. OASAM provides leadership and also support because that Departmental organization operations and also procurement; info technology; human being resources and also civil rights; security and also emergency management; and strategic planning.

Office the the Assistant Secretary for policy (OASP)

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy gives advice come the Secretary the Labor, Deputy Secretary, and also Department on matters of policy development, regime evaluation, regulations, budget and also legislation the will enhance the lives of workers, retirees and their families. Integral come this role, OASP leads unique initiatives and also manages cross- and also inter- Department tasks and is the policy development arm that the room of Labor that invests in study and evaluation of current and also emerging labor issues including: the cultivation wage space for working families, ensuring protections and also opportunity for all workers, policies that promote work and also family balance, and labor requirements for the rapidly changing 21st century economy.

Office that the chef Financial Officer (OCFO)

The Office of cook Financial Officer is responsible because that the financial leadership of and its major duty is come uphold solid financial management and accountability while offering timely, accurate, and also reliable financial information and also enhancing interior control.

OCFO was created as a result of the chief Financial police officers Act the 1990 and also is led by a presidentially-appointed, Senate shown Chief jae won Officer and supported by the Deputy chief Financial Officer and also two combine Deputy chef Financial policemans who are career members that the senior Executive Service.

Office of disability Employment plan (ODEP)

ODEP"s mission is to develop and also influence policies and also practices that increase the number and also quality that employment avenues for human being with disabilities.

To satisfy this mission, ODEP disclosure the adoption and implementation of ODEP policy strategies and effective practices – meaning those that ODEP has emerged and/or validated – that will affect the employment of human being with disabilities. ODEP"s technique is to drive systems and also practice changes by disseminating ODEP plan strategies and also effective practices, sharing information, and also providing technical assistance to government agencies, organization providers and non-governmental entities, and also public and also private employers. V these activities, ODEP contributes come the success of:"s Strategic score 3: promote fair and high quality work-life environments and Strategic objective 3.1: break down barriers come fair and diverse workplaces and also narrow income inequality.

Office of federal Contract Compliance program (OFCCP)

At the Office of federal Contract Compliance Programs, we protect workers, promote diversity and also enforce the law. OFCCP holds those that do business with the commonwealth government-contractors and also subcontractors-responsible for complying with the legal requirement to take it affirmative activity and not discriminate on the communication of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, or condition as a safeguarded veteran. In addition, contractors and subcontractors room prohibited from discharging or otherwise discriminating against applicants or employees who inquire about, comment on or disclose your compensation or that of others, subject to particular limitations.

Office that Inspector general (OIG)

We offer the American Workforce, the department of Labor, and the congress by providing independent and objective monitor of Departmental programs with audits and investigations, and also by combating the affect of labor racketeering in the workplace.

Office of Labor-Management and Standards (OLMS)

The Office of Labor-Management requirements in the U.S. Room of labor is the Federal firm responsible for administering and also enforcing many provisions the the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure action of 1959, as amended (LMRDA). The LMRDA straight affects millions of people throughout the united States. The legislation was spread by Congress generally to ensure straightforward standards that democracy and also financial truth in labor establishments representing employees in personal industry. Union representing U.S. Postal company employees ended up being subject to the LMRDA v the i of the Postal Reorganization action of 1970. Additionally, the LMRDA promotes job union and labor-management transparency through reporting and disclosure requirements for labor unions and their officials, employers, and labor relations consultants, and surety companies.

OLMS also administers provisions the the Civil company Reform act of 1978 and the Foreign company Act that 1980 relating to criter of conduct for federal employee organizations, i beg your pardon are similar to LMRDA requirements. OLMS walk not have actually jurisdiction over unions representing exclusively state, county, or municipal employees.

Office the the Solicitor (SOL)

The Office the the Solicitor"s mission is to satisfy the legal company demands that the whole Department the Labor. Together the Secretary the Labor and other room officials look for to accomplish the Department"s in its entirety mission and to further details priorities, the Office the the Solicitor (SOL) provides legal advice about how to accomplish those goals. In doing so, solar ensures the the Nation"s labor legislations are forcefully and relatively applied to safeguard the Nation"s workers.

SOL fulfills its mission by representing the Secretary and also the client agencies in all important litigation, consisting of both enforcement actions and defensive litigation, and in different dispute resolution activities; by assisting in the development of regulations, standards and also legislative proposals; and by giving legal opinions and also advice worrying all the Department’s activities.

Office the Workers" Compensation programs (OWCP)

The Mission that the Office that Workers" Compensation program is to protect the understanding of workers who space injured or end up being ill top top the job, your families and their labor by making timely, appropriate, and accurate decisions on claims, offering prompt payment that benefits and also helping injured workers return to gainful occupational as beforehand as is feasible.

Veterans" Employment and Training service (VETS)

VETS’ prepares America"s veterans, service members and their spouses, for coherent careers, provides them v employment resources and also expertise, protects your employment rights and promotes their employment opportunities.

Wage and also Hour division (WHD)

The Wage and also Hour mission is to promote and attain compliance with labor criter to protect and enhance the welfare the the nation’s workforce.

The WHD enforces federal minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and child labor requirements of the same Labor standards Act. WHD likewise enforces the Migrant and Seasonal farming Worker security Act, the Employee Polygraph defense Act, the Family and Medical leave Act, fairy garnishment provisions the the customer Credit defense Act, and a number of employment standards and also worker protections as listed in number of immigration connected statutes. Additionally, WHD administers and also enforces the prevailing wage demands of the Davis Bacon Act and also the business Contract Act and also other statutes applicable to federal contracts for construction and also for the provision of goods and services.

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Women"s office (WB)

Women in the workforce are critical to the nation"s economic security. The Women"s Bureau establishes policies and also standards and conducts inquiries come safeguard the understanding of working women; to advocate for their equality and economic protection for themselves and their families; and also to promote quality occupational environments.