Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the 1964 stop-motion classic, has become a Christmas favorite for a reason. That a heartwarming story of so-called misfits encountering adversity and saving Christmas for all the boys and girls in the world.

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But if the movie concentrates on Rudolph, i think we recognize who the actual star is: Hermey the Elf. Hermey no fit in v the other elves. While theyre contents making toys, he dreams of miscellaneous greater: opening a dental exercise in the phibìc Pole. Understandably, hes close come the hearts of dentists almost everywhere (so much so the the American dentist Association recentlyoffered that an honorary certificate).

Here are six reasons why Hermey the Elf could be our favorite dentist of all time.


When were an initial introduced to Hermey, hes acquiring an earful native his boss. The assembly line in the elves workshop is backed up due to the fact that Hermey would quite daydream instead of make toys. That explains, come the josh of his peers, the he doesnt like to make toys: hed rather be a dentist.


Hermey allows the criticism go through a smile on his face, explaining that the phibìc Pole demands a dentist (imagine eating liquid canes all year and you deserve to see why). Yet his ceo doesnt want to hear it:

Youre one elf, and elves do toys. Now get to work!

How walk Hermey react?


Hermeys a dreamer. It doesnt matter if the civilization says elves space only great for make toys: if he wants to it is in a dentist, then you cant prevent him.

2. He TRIES TO assist ANY way HE CAN.

Later on, the elves sing a song for Santa around how lot they love making toys. Santa is underwhelmed. Hes got his own problems, but the elves blame it on a weak tenor section: Hermey skipped the performance.

Hermeys boss finds him in the workshop and also demands to recognize why he to be absent. Hermey provides this totally rational explanation:


Hes make the efforts to find a way to usage his talent to fit in, but his boss wont hear it. Youll never ever fit in! the screams at Hermey.

But who can blame Hermey because that trying? He just wants come help, and hes do the efforts to do the many of his talents. That sounds choose an admirable high quality in our book.


If you recognize the song, climate you recognize that Rudolph it s okay shunned by the other reindeer for his red nose. Dejected, he wanders off, only to stumble across Hermey.

Who are you? Rudolph asks.

Actually, ns am a dentist! Hermey replies, only to describe that hes been shunned as well. However he uses this bit of inspiration:


Rudolph realizes that feels the same way: he doesnt need the negativity of his referee peers. Re-energized, he and Hermey decide to band together as a couple of misfits.

4. HES faithful TO HIS FRIENDS.

Hermey, Rudolph and a prospector named Yukon Cornelius end up joining with each other on the Island the Misfit Toys, whereby theyre provided a quest: return to the phibìc Pole and also ask Santa to discover a residence for every one of the misfit toys. Even as misfits, lock heroes.

Theres just one young complication: the Abdominable Snowman is attractive to Rudolphs nose and also hes been searching the trio down.

Rudolph insists that he should head out alone therefore as not to endanger his friends, but Hermey wont hear that it:


Even in the face of mortal danger, Hermey rod by his other misfit. However that doesnt stop Rudolph from sneaking out in the center of the night alone.


Rudolph end ups acquiring trapped in a cavern by the Abdominable Snowman, together with his family and also his future beau, Clarice. Yet luckily, Yukon and also Hermey have been adhering to his trail because he left them at the Island the Misfit Toys.

Quickly, Hermey and also Yukon hatch a plan to save the reindeer. Yukon access time the monster v an avalanche and also Hermey uses his dental skills to yank out the yetis teeth, calculation his harmless.


For Hermey, nothing can stop him from conserving his friends. Hes a guy of action when it counts.

6. He FORGIVES and also FORGETS.

After the adventure, Hermey, Rudolph and also Cornelius return to the north Pole, where theyre provided a heros welcome for conquering the Abdominable Snowman. Santa guarantees to discover homes for the misfit toys and also Hermeys previous boss immediately approaches him through an apology, giving Hermey permission to open up his dentists office.

Hermeys reaction? no I told girlfriend so, no a win dance: he opens up his bosss mouth because that a spot dentist checkup:


Despite the fact that he was usually exiled indigenous the phibìc Pole together a misfit, Hermey doesnt hold grudges. That gets right to work.

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How could you no love a dentist choose that? Hes loyal, brave, forgiving and committed to his work. In ~ Winning Smiles, especially throughout the holiday season, we strive to live up to his example every day because that our patients.