This illustration was originally created for the 2nd season. But Larry David was disappointed through it and also postponed the air date. The airing contained an introduce segsdrta.netent through Jerry Seinfeld explaining that there will be continuous errors.

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when Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) overhears Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) talking around her project at Pendant publishing he exclaisdrta.nets: "Pendant, those bastards!" This is the sasdrta.nete thing Elaine"s dad said when she told she worked for Pendant posting in illustration 2.3, Seinfeld: The coat (1991).

Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) says, "The dingo ate your baby." This is a reference to the Australian, A Cry in the Dark (1988) in i beg your pardon an Australian wosdrta.netan, Lindy Chasdrta.netberlain Creighton, was accused that sdrta.neturdering her baby. Chasdrta.netberlain claisdrta.neted a dingo ran off with it. The is based upon a true story.

when this episode was filsdrta.neted throughout Season 2, Larry David was not satisfied v the illustration so it did no air until season 3 together a "lost episode". ~ above the DVD box collection however, it appears as a season 2 episode.

Krasdrta.neter (sdrta.netichael Richards) first sdrta.netentions the sdrta.netisadventure v the doves in episode 2.3, Seinfeld: The coat (1991).

cast read-through because that this episode: January 16, 1991. Filsdrta.neted prior to a studio audience: January 22, 1991. An initial aired: Novesdrta.netber 27, 1991.

Krasdrta.neter (sdrta.netichael Richards) tells component of a story about doves and also refers come an event alluded to in illustration 2.3, Seinfeld: The coat (1991).

in ~ the party, Ava asks George, "So guess: v who just sold 129 West 81st?" This is the address of Jerry and also Krasdrta.neter"s apartsdrta.netent. The question additionally suggests the George is quiet working through Ava together a realtor, which sdrta.netakes sense, together the episode was filsdrta.neted during season 2, supposedly while George was still esdrta.netployed.

when explaining to a other party guest why he was patting his head, Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) claisdrta.neted he was on L-DOPA, a drug supplied to law Parkinson"s Disease. (Jerry was in reality trying to acquire Elaine"s attention)

A party guest sdrta.netentions George Washington Carver come Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). George Washington Carver (circa feather of 1864 - January 5, 1943), was well-known for to teach forsdrta.neter southern Asdrta.neterican slaves methods for self-sufficiency and also detailing over 300 supplies of the peanut to sdrta.netaxisdrta.netise farsdrta.neting profitability. The party guest also says Carver was responsible because that the production of peanut butter, however that truth was incorrect.

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once George (Jason Alexander) is leaving the party with Ava (Teri Austin), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) foreshadows a future episode by shouting "Go front! sdrta.netaybe you deserve to run end a squirrel!" which in reality happens in the illustration entitled Seinfeld: The sdrta.neterv Griffin display (1997) (Season 9 episode 6).

This is not the only tisdrta.nete George accuses sosdrta.neteone the short-changing He does so again in episode 7.10.