Iron(II) sulfide, likewise popular together iron sulfide or ferrous sulfide, is an inorganic, water-insoluble compound represented by the chemistry formula FeS <1, 2>. In IUPAC nomenclature, the is referred to as sulfanylideneiron <1>. It naturally occurs together the mineral troilite and pyrrhotite <3>. FeS has actually the nickel arsenide structure, v trigonal prismatic sulfides and octahedral iron centers <5>.

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Iron(II) Sulfide Identification

CAS Number1317-37-9 <1>
PubChem CID14828 <1>
ChemSpider ID8466211 <2>
EC Number215-268-6 <1>
MDL NumberMFCD00011013 <1>


Iron(II) Sulfide Formula

Iron(II) Sulfide Composition and also Synthesis

When iron and also sulfur space mixed and also heated in a check tube, it undergoes an exothermic reaction to produce iron(ii) sulfide <6>.

Fe + S → FeS


Reaction v Hydrochloric Acid

Iron sulfide reacts through hydrochloric mountain to productivity ferrous chloride and also hydrogen sulfide, as shown by the adhering to reaction:

FeS + 2 HCl → FeCl2 + H2S

Properties and also Characteristics the Iron(II) Sulfide

General Properties

Molar Mass/Molecular Weight87.905 g/mol <1>

Physical Properties

Color and AppearanceGray to brownish-black rods, lumps, or granular powder, colorless when pure <1>
OdorOdorless <8>
Melting Point1194 °C, 2181 °F <1>
Boiling Point Decomposes <1>
Density4.75 g cm-3 <1>
State of matter at room temperatureSolid <1>
SolubilityReacts in acids v the manufacturing of hydrogen sulfide, insoluble in nitric acid <1>
Solubility in Water0.00062 g/100 cc in ~ 18 °C <1>
Magnetic Susceptibility (χ) 1074 X 10-6 cm3/mol

Atomic Properties

Crystal StructureOctahedral



As a colors in ceramics, hair dyes, and also glass containers <1, 7>.Treating exhaust gases and lessening hefty metal pollution <1>.To synthesize hydrogen sulfide in the activities <1>.

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Is the Safe

Iron sulfide can reason irritation to your skin, eyes, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract once inhaled <1>. That is well-known to reason slight toxicity upon ingestion <8>.