a combining type occurring in compound words denoting a condition of sight or of the visual organs: diplopia; hemeralopia; myopia.

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ophthalmoplegia, ophthalmoscope, ophthalmoscopy, ophthalmovascular, Ophüls, -opia, opiate, opiate receptor, opiatic, opine, opinicus

The combining type -opia is offered like a suffix denoting intuitive disorders. That is often used in medical terms, especially in ophthalmology.

The combining type -opia comes from the Greek ṓps, meaning “eye” or “face.” The Greek ṓps is likewise at the root of words cyclops, a mythical gigantic with a single big eye. Cyclops literally means “round-eye” in Greek.

What space variants the –opia?

Occasionally, -opsia is used as a variant of -opia, as in teleopsia. one more rare variant of -opia is -opy.

Speaking that ophthalmology, this “eyeful” of a word supplies ophthalmo-, a combining form from the Greek ophthalmós, i beg your pardon is at some point related ṓps, resource of -opia.

Examples of -opia

The combining kind -opia is used to name assorted visual disorders. One such condition is polyopia, “the tardy of several visual photos of one object, multiple vision.”

The very first part the the word, poly-, method “much, many.” as we know, -opia refers to sight and seeing. Polyopia has actually a literal sense of “seeing plenty of visions.”

What room some indigenous that use the combining type –opia?

What room some other forms that -opia may be generally confused with?

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The combining type phot- method “light.” with this in mind, what is photopia?

How to use -opia in a sentence

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British sdrta.net definitions for -opia

n combine form
indicating a visual defect or conditionmyopia

Derived develops of -opia

-opic, adj combining form

Word beginning for -opia

from Greek, from ōps eye

Medical meanings for -opia


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A visual problem or defect of a stated kind:anisometropia.


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