We wish to market an evaluation of the The Arrow and also the track by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. First, we will certainly look in ~ rhyme, meter and form. Second, us will sell an approximate line by line analysis looking for possible literary devices and also carefully examining the lyrics of the poem. Finally, we’ll state our translate as much as the poem’s ultimate definition is concerned—that will constitute our summary.

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We’ll briefly note very first that The Arrow and also the tune was created by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow top top October 16, 1845. The poem was composed and written while Longfellow had actually his back to the fire and was preparing for church. He explained the city as comes to him as quick as an arrow. The city comes really close to being an improvisation.

Rhyme, Meter, and type in The Arrow and the Song

The Arrow and also the song by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is consisted of of three stanzas, each 4 lines long. Every line is either eight or ripe syllables long and rhymes through the last–so that there space a total of eight couplets.

Parallelism is necessary in the poem. The an initial and 2nd stanza strongly mirror each other grammatically—and, in fact, share an similar line. In each of the very first two stanzas, the narrator take away an action, and also then states he might not know the aftermath of this action. The then describes why he can not.

The last stanza reestablishes this parallelism the the previous 2 stanza in ~ a single stanza. The very first two present of the final stanza break up the actions started in the very first stanza, while the 2nd two present conclude the actions begun in the 2nd stanza.

The parallelism presented here suggests that we space perhaps an alleged to be making a comparison and also contrast between two various actions both that which be affected by each other consequences. Therefore this is a poetic device of sorts.

Walkthrough that The Arrow and also the Song

Here we will existing each stanza from The Arrow and the track by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and also then do as plenty of points as feasible about them. When this might appear excessive, as much as possible, we want readers to comprise their own minds around the poem—so our score is to carry out as much food for believed as possible.

• Why does the narrator shooting an arrowhead into the air? can it it is in the narrator to be hunting? Is this just a an allegory for some kind of action the narrator took?

• was the arrow aimed at a details target? deserve to we presume the arrowhead missed its target? after ~ all, the simply dropped to the soil afterwards. Or could it be the situation the arrow was shoot on a whim without any target in ~ all?

• An arrowhead is something affluent in symbolism. We deserve to potentially take it the arrowhead as a symbol of cupid and of love. Might the narrator have been trying to acquire love? Alternatively, the arrowhead is a weapon—it is sharp prefer our wits. Could the narrator have assaulted a person via part angry words?

• Note right here that the arrowhead went therefore “swiftly” that the narrator could not “follow it in the flight”. Us think this might suggest angry words—because we think the the narrator shot turn off the arrow without yes, really thinking. The entire event taken place so fast, the narrator couldn’t even be certain of what repercussions took place. Don’t upset words frequently escape united state this way?

• The parallelism in between the very first stanza and also the second stanza has already been mentioned above. We’re clearly getting some form of to compare here.

• The tone and also mood of the second stanza is much gentler and also smoother 보다 that of the first.

• Note how much nicer a track is than an arrow. I mean, usually you wouldn’t even think to to compare the two—but clearly in this paper definition we should do so. Both the arrow and also the track travel v the air. We shed track of both. The arrowhead can’t it is in found due to the fact that it went therefore swiftly, yet it’s totally different v the song. Who have the right to really follow a tune in the air through their eyes? We deserve to though check out a human smile as they hear the song.

• It’s fascinating come talk around the tune as if it were in flight. One thinks of a bird flying—and interesting way a bird deserve to sometimes it is in a target because that an arrow. This brings us earlier to ours previous question from the very first stanza, to be the arrow aimed in ~ a target? Did that hit the target? and also now we have to ask, is the song sung for pure joy? Is the song being sung because that a certain person? Is the tune being sung below for a specific purpose?

Analysis of the first two lines.

• The first two lines below are an extremely surprising. They hit us unexpectedly and also leave us in a mood of suspense. Lock leave us on tenterhooks together we wait because that the last 2 lines the the poem.

• The arrowhead is in one oak. Again, one have the right to think the cupid in this context. When we love someone, don’t we periodically represent that love through carving a heart into a tree finish with an arrow—to present we’ve been struck? might this imagery be alluding to love?

• we don’t want to get Freudian here, but both arrows and trees plainly have phallic definition here. In this sense they stand for libido and also passion. Us don’t yes, really think that’s the will here, however feel this have to be stated at least in passing.

• What’s the significance of the arrow being tho unbroken? Is it still a danger? A threat?

• It’s vital to psychic the arrow can additionally represent a weapon. It’s sharp, and it hurts. The narrator shot the end the arrowhead without ever before really thinking around it, possibly in anger. Probably the arrowhead represents words that the narrator angrily threw out and forgot about, however are tho around, and still just as potent. They space sticking in the tree the way a thorn sticks in a lions paw. The suggestion then is the we must be much more careful through our words.

Analysis that the second two lines

• The 2nd two lines below are much simpler to understand. The joy offered off through the song has actually multiplied in a manner that the arrow could not. An arrowhead can just be one place at one time, sticking in one old tree perhaps. But what about a song? A song deserve to multiply, and also while it starts out in just one heart, it can find its method to every one of our hearts.

• So might there be a simple moral below that singing a tune is far better than shoot an arror? the course, this are just metaphors pointing to a depth meaning.

Interpretation the The Arrow and also the Song

We think the post of The Arrow and also the track by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is actually reasonably simple. The arrow represents careless and also angry indigenous thrown out, the while for sure infertile, yielding no fruit, are qualified of sticking in someone’s crawl for follow me time. They are not forgotten, yet they are likewise perhaps sterile. On the various other hand, words of kindness and joy, as stood for via the song, are just the opposite. They deserve to spread to everyone, as with planting a seed. In this sense, the city is merely a short moral story urging united state to re-publishing joyful words, together opposed to obtaining angry and also shouting at someone.

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We do think other interpretations are quite possible.

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