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Take me past the external courtAnd through the divine Place,Past the brazen altar,Lord, I desire to watch Your face.Pass me by the crowds the people,And the priests who song their praise;I hunger and also thirst for your righteousness,But it\"s only uncovered one place. Take it me right into the divine of holies, take it me in by the blood the the Lamb; take me into the divine of holies, take it the coal, cleanse my lips, below I am. Take the coal, clean my lips, below I am. Mukaddas XudoChvíle najvzácnejšie prežívamJeden skarb bym posiąść chciałHermanos fieles, perseveremosКакой ты естьTeraz życiem dla mej duszyالفتره الثالثةწმიდა წმიდა ხარ ღმერთოДа славит ТебяEste krok

You deserve to see chords and transpose if girlfriend have collection the \"Show Chords\" setting. If over there is sheet music you have the right to click the switch to move to it. When the sheet music is reflecting you can brief press/click it to play/pause, and long press/right click to play indigenous the beginning. At the peak you can click with to different language version of the track if there room any. You can listen come the MP3s. Also, friend can include this track to a set so that you can use it more easily during a worship time.