There room two type of Super Mario games: those with Luigi and also those without. The name is normally a litmus test. Is the word "Bros.

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" ~ "Mario," and/or is the a spinoff prefer Mario Kart? If yes, Luigi is more than likely in the game. If no, climate Luigi probably isn"t. Exceptions definitely exist (e.g., Super Mario Odyssey), and Super Mario 64 both does and does not fall into that category.

The initial Super Mario 64 stars Mario. Meanwhile, the Nintendo DS remake, Super Mario 64 DS, has Luigi, Yoshi, and also Wario as playable characters. Though plenty of assumed this video game was Luigi"s first 64-bit collectathon rodeo, rumors spread he was constantly meant to be controlled in Super Mario 64, many thanks in no small part to a cryptic plaque the reads (in exceptionally blurry text) "L is real 2401".

Over two decades later — and also during Mario"s 35th anniversary, no less — confirmation finally surfaced that the rumors were true. Luigi was originally supposed to it is in playable in Super Mario 64. But why was Luigi reduced from the game? If you"re prepared to find out the fact behind Luigi"s canceled 64-bit adventure, let"s a-go.

In July 2020, supposed "gigaleak" of Nintendo prototypes and source code blossomed on the internet. Game sprites that supposedly never made the last cut, beforehand versions of game levels, and also much more leaked onto digital servers. However, the lean, mean, eco-friendly cream that the chop was reportedly long lost Super Mario 64 "Luigi" files. A dedicated team of pan stitched the files together — i m sorry contain textures, models, and also other assets — and also recreated Luigi together he would have appeared in the game. The course, this increased the question of what impede his inclusion in the very first place. The answer lies in the past — especially 1996.

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According to an interview v Shigeru Miyamoto — translated by shmuplations — Super Mario 64 to be made v the brothers in mind. Luigi was claimed to do every little thing Mario might do, however the video game couldn"t handle two playable characters. Luigi was in Super Mario 64 "until February," and was removed since of "memory issues." However, the developers were committed to transforming Super Mario 64 into Super Mario Bros. 64. Castle tried to produce a minigame wherein players could regulate Mario and also Luigi, however it to be scrapped under the assumption most players wouldn"t have enough controllers.