Sugar Gliders because that sale

Hello. Ns am an owner of countless sugar gliders that space for sale. They space all proven breeders. One pair the male is neutered and also the mrs is 5 so we retired her. They are 300 for the pair. We have actually a single female wfb that is a proven breeder. She is 3 yrs old and also she is 300. We have a pair of standard greys that room proven breeders they space 400 because that the pair. They space two year old. Then we have actually a pair that wfb who are likewise successful breeders. They space 500 because that the pair or 300 each. Please call me if interested. Severe inquiries only. Give thanks to u. Message (xxx) xxx-xxx0

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Sugar Gliders because that sale message or contact xxx-xxx-xxxxSCAMMY SCAM

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