However, over there are only 32 NFL and there space 50 states. 27 states approximately the country don’t have their own team. Over there are additionally 7 claims that have actually 2+ teams. 

If you space looking to acquire into the sports you should uncover a neighborhood team to bet on at, if your state doesn’t have a neighborhood team, you have the right to choose any type of team friend like.

Continue reading to discover how numerous teams each state has and which state has the many teams.


States v no NFL teams 

There are 27 claims that execute not have any NFL teams: 

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut², Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine², Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, new Hampshire², new Mexico, phibìc Dakota, southern Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island², southern Carolina¹, Utah, Vermont², Virginia, West Virginia, and also Wyoming. 

¹South Carolina is technically covered by the Carolina Panthers who are based in phibìc Carolina, but most NFL fans in the state choose to support the Atlanta Falcons.

²These states are technically covered by the brand-new England Patriots, who represent all of new England.

States v 1 NFL team 

There room 16 says that have one NFL team: 

North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Washington, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, and brand-new York State*. 

*None that the teams with brand-new York in their name in reality play in brand-new York State, lock both play in brand-new Jersey. 

States with 2 or an ext NFL teams

All the the adhering to 7 states have at least 2 NFL groups based in their state. Florida and also California have 3 each.

These says tend to have actually 2+ teams for the same reason. In 1970 the NFL was formed by combining 2 leagues the NFL and also the AFL. This bigger states include an Old NFL and an AFL team. The only teams from the same state the play in the same conference are teams native California, Texas, and Florida. 

Texas – 2 teams 


Tennessee Titans Houston Texans 

The Houston Texans space the newest team in the NFL, they join in 2002 and also they beat in the AFC. The Titans likewise play in the AFC. 


Pennsylvania – 2 teams 


Philadelphia EaglesPittsburgh Steelers

The Eagles pat in the East division of the NFC, they have actually been department champions 14 times. They have been NFL champions 4 times. 

The Steelers pat in the North division of the AFC. They room 6 time Super key Champions, 8 time AFC champions, and 24 times division champions.

Ohio – 2 teams 


Cincinnati BengalsCleveland Browns

The Bengals pat in the North department of the AFC. They have actually been division champions 9 times, AFC champions twice, yet have never won the supervisor Bowl. 

The Browns beat in the North department of the NFC. They were NFL champion 4 times before the Super bowl began, they have actually been conference champions 11 times, and division champions 12 times. 


Maryland – 2 teams


Baltimore RavensWashington football Team

The Washington football Team was previously known together the Redskins, the name was readjusted as it caused offense come the an initial Nations communities in phibìc America. Lock play in the East department of the NFC. 

The Ravens beat in the North division of the AFC. They last winner the Super key in 2012. 

New Jersey – 2 teams 


New York Giants New York Jets 

Neither that these groups plays in new York (State). 

The Giants beat in the East division of the NFC. They space 8 times NFL champion (4 pre-Super Bowl, 4 post-Super Bowl). 

The jet play in the East department of the AFC. They were NFL champion once prior to the Super bowl began. 


Florida – 3 teams 


Jacksonville JaguarsMiami DolphinsTampa bay Buccaneers

Florida is just one of only two claims to have actually 3 teams. 

The Jaguars beat in the South division of the AFC. They have no Super key or Conference victories. They have actually only 3 division victories. 

The dolphin play in the East department of the AFC. They have 2 Super key championships, 5 conference championships, and also 13 divisional championships. 

The Buccaneers pat in the South division of the NFC. They have 2 Super key championships, 2 conference championships, and 6 divisional championships. They space the many recent winners that the Super key (2020). 


California – 3 teams 


Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles ChargersSan Francisco 49ers

The Rams beat in the West division of the NFC. They room 17-time division champions. 

The Chargers beat in the AFC West division.

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They have 1 NFL championship, 1 conference championship, and 15 divisional championships. 


The 49ers pat in the West department of the AFC. They are 5 time Superbowl champions, 7 time conference champions, and also 20 time division champions.