I assumed it to be correct since sqrt is opposing of multiplying by a number, so i figured by multiplying by a number it would certainly balance out and also be that number normally, yet when i tried it v my Python calculator making use of 3 i got:

sdrta.net.sqrt(3) * 3 5.196152422706632



$egingroup$ $sqrt x$ is the number satisfying $sqrt x sqrt x = x$; it's not the the contrary of multiply by $x$. $endgroup$
In general, no. Because $sqrt x$ is equal to $x^1/2$, your equation is the exact same as $x^3/2 = x$, only $x = 0, 1$ occupational as solutions


If you desire to solve for the equation$$xsqrtx = x$$then you have$$x (sqrtx-1) =0 Rightarrow x = 0, ext or sqrtx=1, ext i.e. x = 1$$


The multiplicative station (the "opposite" in her question) of a non-zero number $x$ is the reciprocal, $frac1x$. Multiply these 2 together offers instead $x imes frac1x = 1$.

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calculate the the border of the succession $a_n = lim_n o infty n^frac23cdot ( sqrtn-1 + sqrtn+1 -2sqrtn )$
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