I galloped aimlessly every that following day, awaiting the nighttime. Mine mind was full of thoughts of Esperanza. I’d never felt this way about any type of other mare before, particularly after I had gone rogue.

I remained in the small valley, looking over at the waterfall close to here. I assumed to myself exactly how nice having a herd right here would be as I nipped at the sweet grass through morning dew quiet on the long blades.

I pricked my ears as ns heard a on slide of hooves behind me and also my eyes widened together I experienced Esperanza galloping towards me. Ns dashed to her and was happy until I remembered her herd.

“Esperanza, what room you doing? her herd, you simply left them?”

“I couldn’t wait until tonight Strider.” She confesses and nuzzles my neck.

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“Your head stallion, Phantom, he will be comes after you.”

“I know, yet I desire to remain with you, right here in our tiny valley.”

I thought of the grand points we could do, finding other rogues and having our very own herd here, she and also I gift the head stallion and lead mare. But I believed non-selfishly and also I shook mine head and also I stomped a foot.

“Esperanza, you must go back. Although i promise you ns will go back to you tonight. I shall scavenge because that rogues like myself and start a herd. With you.”

Esperanza looked saddened at having actually to leave but perked up as soon as she heard that. “Please be sure to come.” She nuzzles me and also I nuzzle mine sweet mare back.

“I promise.” ns repeat.

I clock Esperanza trudge up the hill the the valley and rear up in goodbye prior to galloping away. I gaze in ~ the very same spot, long after she’s gone.


I had actually been galloping nearly all day, the sun was poignant the mountaintops in the west, soon I would need to turn away from my find for horses and also return come Esperanza. Shortly I turned approximately from mine search till I heard groaning and also stumbling ~ above the hard forest floor.

I carefully and also cautiously trotted over to the resource of the experiencing to view the saddest sight I’ve seen in quite a while. A dun splashed white mare to be bleeding native claw marks on she back. She likewise had rips clearly seen poking out on her sides. I knew ns should have killed that mountain lion; the looks prefer she’s an additional victim.

I nickered kindly to her and she lifted her head looking in ~ me will certainly fear apparent in her eyes.

“Do you have actually a herd?” ns ask.

“No, lock left me once I got assaulted by the cougar.” She sounded faint.

“I am Strider, join my herd and I shall assist you.”

“I am Sunrise. I was one Indian horse prior to I to be taken by a herd. Please, aid me.”

The sunlight was currently halfway collection over the mountain selection when i herded the dun mare end to the flow over through the valley, trying to hurry prior to I missed see Esperanza. I helped wash she wounds in the clear, cool to run water and soon ns left her in the valley, grazing to her hearts content, swearing I’d be back. Although she to be scared around the cougar coming earlier I claimed she’d it is in fine. Then ns took off to Esperanza.

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At our conference I said Esperanza around Sunrise and also how she to be attacked. Mine love was excited and also couldn’t wait to meet her. She had talked come a couple of other equines in her herd that were getting worn down of Phantom and also his hard-hoof ruling and they would sign up with us. Currently our herd to be of five horses including Esperanza and also I. We were thrilled. Only a couple of more horses and Esperanza might leave she herd.

Our visit time to be cut brief when a colt awoke and almost saw us. I bid her goodbye and also went ago to Sunrise, us slept next by side keeping each various other warm.

I only imagined exactly how it would be when we had actually a totality herd down in the valley.