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Song titles that have actually / use the word "DANCING" in it.

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Dancing, Dansing, Dauncing etc. title perform (not necessarily run songs.) perform is sortable - Click date, writer or song. .

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Song TitleWriter or PerformerAlbumDateBuy
Arthur Murray teach Me dance in a HurryJohnny Mercer | Jimmy Dorsey | Betty HuttonAll Vers1942MP3
Can"t walk Dancin"Terry beam BradleyAlbum1964MP3
Castanets and Lace, dancing with my dreamsHilliard, BobAlbum1947MP3
Dancin" Cowboy~Album~MP3
Dancin" DanJack StanleyAlbum1923MP3
Dancin" fool Ted Snyder (Barry Manilow)Album1922MP3
Dancin" her Memory Away~Album~MP3
DancingEmma La FreniereAlbum1936MP3
Dancing at the Twelve O"Clock BallGrace DoroAlbum1919MP3
Dancing BrookJohn Francis GilderAlbum1893MP3
Dancing nation StyleGeoffrey NorthAlbum1954MP3
Dancing DollsMarie Louka Album~MP3
Dancing DolliesPaul Eno (1869-1924)Album1909MP3
Dancing Girl, the Addison J. RessegueAlbum~MP3
Dancing GirlBruno HuhnAlbum1924MP3
Dancing MasterIreland colors of the people CDAlbum~MP3
Dancin" way Your Sins~Album~MP3
Dancing HoneymoonWerner JanssenAlbum1919MP3
Dancing in the Barn Tom Turner and also Ed. W. OrrinAlbum1908MP3
Dancing in the DarkHoward Dietz | Arthur Schwartz | AstaireAlbum1931MP3
Dancing in the Street Martha & The Vandellas | Mick Jagger | David BowieAlbum~MP3
Dancing Lesson, theHenry J. FreesAlbum1884MP3
Dancing ~ above a Jetty INXSAlbum~MP3
Dancing top top de Kitchen FloorJames BlandAlbumc.1880MP3
Dancing on the CeilingLorenz HartAlbum1930MP3
Dancing top top the Moon~Album~MP3
Dancing QuakersCharles E. PrattAlbum1873MP3
Dancing "Round the U.S.A G.L. CobbAlbum1915MP3
Dancing ShadowsAlbum~MP3
Dancing StarlightJack GlogauAlbum1910MP3
to dance Tambourine W.C. PollaAlbum1927MP3
Dancing the Blues AwayJoe McCarthy, Howard Johnson & FredFisherAlbum1914MP3
Dancing the Jelly RollNat Vincent, Herman PileyAlbum1915MP3
Dancing to save Your SoleAbel BaerAlbum1930MP3
Dancing Wavelets Percy Wenrich (1880-1952)Album1911MP3
Dancing through My ShadowHarry Woods Album1934MP3
Dancing through Tears in my EyesBurke, Joe,Album1930MP3
Dancing with the DaffodilsLittle Jack LittleAlbum1931MP3
Dancing v the girl at HomeWilliam SchroederAlbum1915MP3
Darktown Dancin" SchoolAlbert GambleAlbum1920MP3
First dance lesson, the (Der Erste tanzstunde)G. P. RitterAlbum1883MP3
I"m Dreaming While us Were DancingEdward LambertAlbum1942MP3
I"m a dance FoolAl young name (DD #6969-C)Album1919MP3
I"m in a Dancing mood Al Hoffman (Jools Holland)Album1930MP3
Keep top top DancingBobbie FullerAlbum1983MP3
Little believe Dancing Man, the Charles HuerterAlbum1916MP3
Love is a dance ThingArthur SchwartzAlbum1935MP3
My to dance LadyMcHugh, Jimmy (joan Crawford)Album1933MP3
My Lady Loves come DanceSammy Gallop and also Milton Delugg. (JuliusLa Rosa)Album1952MP3
Say that While to be DancingSilver, AbnerAlbum1922MP3
You do Me Feel like DancingLeo SayerAlbum~MP3
You have to Be Dancing bee GeesAlbum~MP3