The fairy lights have banished come the loft until next Christmas, you have actually separation stress from your loved ones, and you"re more than likely left with just cereal to eat and also TV come watch as you gift lonely in ~ home throughout the lockdown. Pass a bit of razzle-dazzle earlier into her life with some electricity!

Electricity might not it is in the most happy-go-lucky, romance-filled theme of music, but there space some amazing electric themed songs. There are many good songs out there regarded electricity but those have actually been narrowed down in this list.

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Danger! High Voltage by electric Six


This 2003 anthem from electric Six is a great song to start this list. That is a happy coincidence that the band surname is additionally electricity-themed. From their album "Fire", this struggle song controlled to with #2 in the UK charts end a te ago.

Moreover, the featured in movies prefer Charlie"s Angels: complete Throttle and also Diary of A Wimpy Kid.

The power by Snap!


Released more than two decades ago, this banger still sound as great as it did ago then. This hit single reached the peak spot in the UK music charts back in 1990 together it featured top top the album "World Power" indigenous the German band.

Moreover, it also got an American Music compensation nomination. Because its release, it has actually been featured in every little thing from Bruce Almighty to Coyote Ugly.

Lights through Ellie Goulding


Ellie diver really have the right to do no dorn in her career. She keeps on releasing one fight after the other and in 2010, she exit "Lights", i m sorry shot directly to the height spot in the united state Billboard peak 40.

It turned 4x platinum in the process though that didn"t have the same affect in the UK as it only managed a lousy #49 position. She album the the same name to be hugely popular and became a an international success.

Light mine Fire by The Doors


Before the unfortunate fatality of your frontman, The Doors managed to relax this classic rock solitary hack in 1966.

It had major chart success in the UK ~ the track was re-issued in 1991, i m sorry is why this song is worthy of not simply being one of the finest electricity themed song but likewise one the the finest rock songs of all time.

You might recognize that from as soon as Shirley Bassey released a sheathe of this song earlier in 1999.

Electric feel by MGMT


From "Oracular Spectacular", your debut album in 2007, this hit solitary could it is in heard almost everywhere which led to it being a huge hit.

In regards to chart position, the track only controlled to get #22 in the UK however it to be truly a good song that catapulted MGMT into stardom.

A remixed variation of the tune was exit by the French team "Justice", which led to a Grammy success for them. But it to be still no as an excellent as the initial one.

The strength Of Love through Huey Lewis & The News


One of the greatest American song of every time, The power Of Love to be released in 1986 and also it ended up being popular ~ it was featured as the soundtrack of back To The Future.

It is easy to recognize as that is iconic etc riffs have gone down in history, bring about a many award wins in the procedure while likewise gaining an Academy Award because that the finest Original Score.

It peaked in ~ #9 on the UK charts and also shot right to the peak in the us Billboard Charts.

Thunderstruck by AC/DC


Is it also a shock to view this band featuring ~ above this list?

This rock anthem was released in 1990, by now AC/DC had already cemented their heritage in rock background as one of the biggest rock bands of all time together they sold countless albums worldwide.

This song won lock a bundle that awards and got castle nominated for a lot of more. This song peaked at #13 in the UK charts, though the position wasn"t as good as the ahead singles, it still ranks as among their best.

She"s electrical by Oasis


In the 90s, Oasis were churning the end one struggle after another, make them one of the biggest and best-selling bands in the world.

In 1995, they released their second studio album "What"s The Story Morning Glory?", which turned the end to come to be one of the greatest selling albums of every time.

It featured almost every big hit the Oasis that you deserve to think of. Even though this song was never released together a single, that still walk on to become a substantial brit-pop anthem that the 90s.

While this song doesn"t offer any kind of reasons regarding why the titular mrs is electrical (apart from being a family of a weird fellow), that is an absolute track so it goes ~ above the list, other than of food it being a 90s anthem.

In October 2018, Oasis exit a video to companion the song, noting the 23rd anniversary that the iconic album"s release.

Electric avenue by Eddy Grant


Electric path is certainly one of the ideal electric themed song of all time. Funnily enough, this 80s standard didn"t reach #2 top top the UK music charts a year until after it ended up being a music struggle upon its release in the US.

From their album "Killer ~ above The Rampage", it has actually been featured on lot of adverts end the years and additionally in the 2008 super-hit movie "Pineapple Express". Moreover, it is incredibly catchy.

Together In Electric desires by Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder


Released as among the songs for the movie "Electric Dreams", this song went on to be one of the catchiest electric theme song of all time.

By the time this track was released, Phil Oakey was currently an established name in the music industry, fronting The person League, which was a huge deal in the 70s and also 80s.

The track was exit on the soundtrack of electrical Dreams and became pretty effective commercially.

Gamers would have probably heard this song on the radio train station of GTA: evil City, but recently this track was a component of the EDF energy adverts.

Electricity by Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark


Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark had originally sent out this tune as a demo to aspect Records founder Tony Wilson. Funnily enough, he assumed it to be a bit of a dud, despite his wife liked the song and also persuaded him to buy it and also release it. This song led to a seven-record album deal for the tape worth £250,000.

Electricity was likewise a substantial hit v DJ man Peel, who would regularly play this track on his show.

Electric way by Eddie Grant


Despite the song having an upbeat tone, Eddie grant wrote it as a an answer to the Brixton riots (April 1981). The tune was to plan to it is in a wake-up speak to for all the politicians.

The song acquired its surname from the electrical Avenue in Brixton, i beg your pardon was among the an initial streets in Brixton come get access to electricity.

Are friend Electric? through Tubeway Army


The minimalistic synthesized sounds yes, really make space Friends Electric? by the British tape Tubeway army a cult hit. The actual tune is actually renowned for not having a key chorus or a hook-line, instead, the vocals are spoken against a distinct and dark synthesized sound.

Despite not having actually a clear, attractive chorus, space Friends Electric? managed to peak the charts in the UK and also became a clip track because that Gary Numan"s portfolio. It is additionally believed the the tune inspirited the signature song for Channel 4"s comedy "The it Crowd".

Reaching #1 in may 1979 and remaining at the height spot for over four weeks, this electro standard banger has actually been sampled numerous times.

There is never ever a poor time to remind human being of what a belter of a song the initial song had. This song additionally paved the way for Gary Numan"s (the command singer) successful solo career.

Sound of The secret by girl Aloud


Released as their debut by the 2002 winners that Popstars: The Rivals girls Aloud, this banger bagged the desire Christmas #1 slot and also shot the group to advertisement success.

Sound the The secret was liked not simply for that lyrical referrals to power "Into the electric night, whereby the base line jumps in the backstreet lights", but it also has a number of close-ups of the lightbulbs in the video.

Flickering, bright, and also exploding lights... The music video covers almost all of the things that can be done with a lightbulb.

Mr. Blue sky by electrical Light Orchestra


The song has actually a cracking tune while the band likewise have "electric" in their title. Is there any much more explanation needed? This song is certainly a banger and also should location in every list about electric themed songs.

Electric issue by Clutch


Clutch are certainly one that the an excellent unifiers the the rock and metal scenes. Over there aren"t plenty of bands (if any), the end there that are loved universally fairly as lot as them.

It"ll be hard to find a metalhead who doesn"t at least like them.

Electric problem is one of the live mainstays of the band and this absolute banger is one evergreen tune that sounds as impressive today together it did when it was originally released.

High Voltage by AC/DC


One the the most well-known names in the music industry, this Australian punk absent band currently have electrical connotations in their name, not to mention that their an initial international album was titled "High Voltage".

AC/DC took inspiration for their surname from the electric terms - alternation current and direct current.

Staying true to their name, AC/DC have actually been busy putting on explosive shows due to the fact that the early 70s to 2015, v their "Black is Back" tour being the most prominent tour.

Electric light Orchestra by The electrical Light Orchestra


Mixing popular music and contemporary rock with classical overtones, the electrical Light Orchestra (ELO) directly went from gift tepid to enduring rip soaring success in the 1970s.

This Birmingham-based band distanced themselves from the gaggle of absent outfits by presenting string instruments, playing with cellos, violins, double basses, woodwinds, and horns, to provide a timeless sound the is infused with a pinch that rock.

Electric Barbarella by Duran Duran


Another rocking Birmingham tape from the so late 70s, Duran Duran made fame in the at an early stage "New Romantics" music scene however soon dashed that image for a sharper and an ext sophisticated look.

Duran Duran come out v "Electric Barbarella" in the united state (1997) that was adhered to later in the UK (1999).

It is believed that this tune is a tribute come the scientific research fiction "Barbarella", wherein it was stated that the bang acquired its name from Dr. Durand Durand, a mad scientist.

Electricity by Elton John


Legendary pianist, singer, and also songwriter Elton man released the tune "Electricity" for the cult standard "Billy Elliot".

This tune was also played in the famous scene in i beg your pardon Billy Elliot is auditioning to acquire a ar in the royal Ballet School, London.

Moreover, the aptly titled song likewise coincides v the means Billy Elliot dances and how the song and also dancing do him feel.

Electric café by Kraftwerk


Kraftwerk, one Avant-garde minimalistic electro duo started working on electric Café in 1986 though it wasn"t a big hit. However, the an ext noticeable re-release come years later in 2009, where the title got renamed come "Techno Pop".

Kraftwerk were renowned together the pioneers within the early on electro scene as they reinvented the means music producers manipulated rhythms and sounds.

Electrical Storm by U2


World-famous ireland rock tape U2 came out through "Electrical Storm" earlier in 2002 on their "Best that 1990-2000" album.

Written by the band"s frontman "Bono", electric Storm is all about two lovers who room fighting v each other and also the electrical storm that engulfs them.

This struggle song controlled to with #1 in Canadian charts and also #5 in the UK charts.

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