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Go ahead. Customize a playlist for your sweetheart using this list of pop, rock and country songs the compare love and kisses come sugar, sweets, and candy.

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Gimme some Sweet Sugar

When you're young, love is prefer a dreamy liquid shop. There space glass jars floor come ceiling filled with M&Ms, caramels, sticky gumdrops, coco drops and also jujubes. There are bright lollipops that every flavor and tempting cupcakes of every variety, inviting you to taste. Life is for this reason sweet.

Over time, however, you discover that some of those tasty treats have actually a yucky licorice center. Various other goodies are secured top top the optimal shelf far beyond your reach. Climate there space some that are beautiful to behold however bland and also unsatisfying. (They don't contact them \"eye candy\" for nothing.)

Hopefully, you've discovered a sweetheart who have the right to please every one of your senses. If so, why no make your very own playlist that songs around love that's sugar sweet? Here's our an option of pop, rock, soul, country and R&B song to obtain you started.

1. \"Pour part Sugar ~ above Me\" by Def Leppard

Amid every the huge hair of the 1980s there to be this amazing heavy metal song from 1987 v such overtly suggestive sexual referrals it'll do you cringe (or recall memories to do you smile).

2. \"Lips choose Sugar\" by Coldplay

This 2002 song defines a captivating, elusive woman who floats choose a swan and who uses sugary kisses.

How Sweet are Your Lover's Kisses?




















Hopefully, you've uncovered a sweetheart who deserve to please every one of your senses. In that case, no require to home window shop if you're no in the market!

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3. \"Sugartime\" by Kitty Wells

Think you don't recognize this 1959 classic? Think again. If you've ever heard the following syrypy, sing-song lyrics, this song is the source: \"Sugar in the morning street in the evening sugar at suppertime.\"

4. \"How Sweet the Is (To Be love By You)\" by James Taylor

\"Like street in mine soul.\" That's exactly how this soft rock tune from 1975 explains a lover's impact. If your honey has actually elevated your spirit and provided you with sweet tenderness, why not give thanks to him or her through a song dedication?


5. \"Sugar\" by Maroon 5

In this 2015 hit, sugar is the one antidote because that this man's damaged down, weak-kneed condition. He claims he doesn't want to be in this condition, in need of his lover's affection, climate he pulls an around face and also asks because that a taste of her love. Sounds choose he's about to go into sugar shock. Far better give him what that needs!

6. \"Sugar Sugar\" by The Archies

There's a reason they described this 1969 song as \"bubblegum pop.\" the lyrics are so syrupy they nearly drip:

\"Ah sugar, ah honey, honeyYou space my liquid girlAnd you've gained me wanting you.\"


In the average year, the usual American spend 150 to 170 pounds of sleek sugars.

Steve Rotman via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

7. \"Like Sugar\" by Matchbox Twenty

In this 2012 song, a guy is trying come forget his lover yet finds her as addictive together sugar. Obsessing over she sugary taste, the looks prefer he's losing his bid to move on.

8. \"Sugar You\" by oh Honey

Indie absent band five Honey exit this sweet track in 2015 that explains unconditional acceptance for a lover:

\"Sugar, don't you readjust a thingYou're already everything i wantSugar, don't you change a thingCan't you see you're whatever I'm not.\"

30 Sugar-Inspired Nicknames for Lovers

Names for this reason sweet they'll do your this rot and also bystanders gag.

Baby Cakes

Hot Cakes

Sugar Biscuit


Lemon Drop

Sugar Britches



Sugar Buns


Love Muffin

Sugar Lips



Sugar Mama

Gummy Bear




Stud Muffin

Sugar Tits

Honey Bear


Sweet Cheeks

Honey Bunch

Sugar Bear

Sweetie Pie

Honey Bun

Sugar Biscuit

Tootsie Roll


9. \"Sweet Dreams\" through Eurythmics

One that the Eurythmics' best hits, this 1983 track notes that periodically you can travel the civilization while what you've been looking for is ideal in front of you.

10. \"Shake The sugar Tree\" through Pam Tillis

Sometimes lovers gain lazy, and relationships walk stale. In this 1992 nation classic, Pam Tillis advises her male that she's no content through cooking and also paying rent. She doesn't desire to wait for him to give her sweet loving just now and also then. (\"I'm a young, vivid woman,\" girlfriend can almost hear her say.)

Pam needs affection more frequently. On demand, mine friend. Else the aftermath will be an extremely unfortunate for your relationship. She mister has been warned.

I don't understand what a sugar tree is, but that dude demands to go shake it.

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11. \"Sugar\" by Lenny Kravitz

Lenny sound desperately horny in this 1993 together he asks his lover to dance because that him and also \"climb on and also take the wheel.\" that tries to attract her with sweet assures that go choose this:

\"Sugar caramel Sugar and also it tastes therefore sweet sugar my fantasy street you were created me...\"

12. \"Sweet Emotion\" through Aerosmith

A signature song for Aerosmith, this 1975 hit alludes come sexual and relationship drama neighboring the band throughout their heyday. Lovers deserve to certainly connect with that.

13. \"I feel Good\" by James Brown

There's not lot to this 1965 funk song other than the excited description of how great James Brown's woman makes him feel. In in between the sweet descriptors the throws in part screams and also shouts:

\"Wo! ns feel nice, choose sugar and spiceI feeling nice, choose sugar and spiceSo nice, for this reason nice, I got you.\"

14. \"I Can't assist Myself (Sugar Pie, honey Bunch)\" by four Tops

In this 1965 song, this silly in love is wrapped roughly his lover's sweet tiny finger. His love pines because that her, and also he kisses her snapshot a thousands times. Miss out on Honey Bunch's sweet kisses store him coming earlier to the hive because that more.

15. \"Sweet kid O' Mine\" by weapons N' Roses

This 1987 GNR tune is a tribute to a sweetheart who is therefore pure and innocent the she reminds the narrator of a child and leaves the befuddled as to what to do with his feelings. Wherein do us go native here?

16. \"Sweet Love\" by The Commodores

This 1976 song oozes with empathy for every world's lonely human being who are just trying to uncover their way. Then they go in to make his move on his sweet lady friend. He provides her a small bit the love, sweet, love. Oh!

17. \"Sugar Shack\" by Jimmy Gilmer and also the Fireballs

This 1963 R&B hit celebrates a good little coffeehouse referred to as the \"sugar shack\" whereby the narrator's love attention hangs out, all decked out in black leotards. Here's the sweet surprise: that sugar shack queen happens to be the narrator's wife, and he is passionately in love!

18. \"Sweet Love\" by The Commodores

This 1976 track oozes through empathy for all world's lonely people who are simply trying to uncover their way. Then they walk in to do his relocate on his sweet lady friend. He supplies her a tiny bit the love, sweet, love. Oh!

19. \"Brown Sugar\" by The rojo Stones

On Rolling rock magazine's peak 500 biggest Songs of every Time, this 1971 tune covers subjects so taboo that the tune would never be videotaped today.

19. \"Sugar and Honey\" by Roy Orbison

In this 1965 song, a love-starved man is no hope for part sugar and honey. He states he'll cry for it and die for it. He suggests that he'll take it morning, noon and night, every the time, or anytime. The male does not sound also selective. Orbison composed the track in honor of his wife, yet at the time the tune was famous they had actually recently divorced. She died soon after.

20. \"I desire A little Sugar In my Bowl\" through Nina Simone

What a sultry R&B song! This 1967 is raw sugar and also it'll leaving you wondering even if it is she actually simply said what girlfriend thought she simply said:

\"I desire some steam on my clothesMaybe I have the right to fix things up so they'll goWhat's the issue Daddy? Come on, save my soulI desire some street in my bowl, ns ain't foolin'I want some street in my bowl.\"

Although in years due to the fact that it's been covered by the likes the Queen Latifah and also Diana Ross, the original is amazing.

What's So an excellent About Kissing? health Benefits

Washes bacteria turn off teeth

Exercises face muscles

Helps girlfriend burn 2 calories a minute

Boosts self-esteem

Triggers the endol pin (our natural feel-good substances)

May lower blood pressure

Go Ahead, pucker Up!

Kissing confers a variety of health benefits. Wrinkle up and also smooch away.

Kate Dreyer via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

21. \"Sugar Daddy\" by The Veronicas

The lady in this 2015 relax has significant unresolved daddy issues. She prefers to it is in the thing of she man's affection, raking in the gifts from him. What offers it away the she's a significant head case? Lines choose this: \"Gimme something sweet 'cause ns don't wanna it is in bad.\" ns hope he has actually money for therapy!

22. \"Candyman\" through Christina Aguilera

This 2007 song is super catchy and reminiscent that \"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,\" yet there's not lot that's sweet its lyrics. The sexual innuendoes are means over-the-top (\"He's a one stop shop, renders the panties drop\"). Ewww.

23. \"Sugar, We're Goin' Down\" by fallout Boy

Sometimes love is much more saccharin than sweet, and this 2005 song records the love/hate, push/pull intricacy of a partnership that has seen much better days. Our worst opponents can be previous lovers.

24. \"Sugar\" by an easy Minds

The narrator in this 2002 song has a sugar rush. Together he begs his honey because that affection, he's therefore entranced through her the he repeats his lines. Or perhaps he is stuttering?

Hard liquid Apples

These liquid apples are simple on the eyes but hard top top the teeth. Girlfriend don't always need come indulge in guilty pleasures just because they're there. Bypass trouble.

Andrea Williams via Flickr CC-BY-SA 2.0

25. \"Sugar\" through Stevie Wonder

In this 1970 song, Stevie Wonder wants to be his lady friend's main squeeze, she \"baby boy,\" she \"play toy.\" He's prepared for commitment and also all he desires is she brand the sugar.

26. \"Strawberry Wine\" through Deana Carter

She to be 17 and also had her first taste of sweet love v a college young who functioned as a summer field hand on she grandmother's farm. Favor strawberry wine, she long back memories the him space bittersweet.

27. \"Sugar Sweet\" through Jacob Miller and also the leg City Crooners

This 2015 song by a Dixie-era throwback band attributes a narrator who is utterly smitten through his sweet, irresistible woman. Some people complain the the command singer sounds prefer a goat. What do you think?

28. \"Eye Candy\" by josh Turner

It might not specifically be love, yet this male really digs what the sees in his sweetheart.

\"When the great Lord make that small lookerHe need to of offered a totality lotta sugarMaybe that's the factor why i crave herSo much flavor every the time.\"

Perhaps if he'd talk to to his small lemon drop, he'd uncover she has actually ideas and also opinions precious listening to.

Eye Candy: Chocolate and Strawberry Flavored

29. \"Sweets because that My Sweet\" through The Drifters

In this syrupy 1961 song, a lover makes all kinds of guarantees to his sweet honey simply to save her content and by his side.

30. \"Candy Shop\" by Madonna

Madge manages to make candy raunchy in this 2008 tune (\"Come on as much as the prior door\"). She states her street is \"raw\" and \"don't ~ do so you're no hungry.\" If girlfriend promise her sweetheart a one-stop liquid store like Madonna, maybe this is her song.

31. \"Sugar On my Tongue\" by talking Heads

In this 1977 classic, a guy covets his neighbor's sugary confections. This is earlier when us didn't have actually 24/7 convenience stores and had come borrow a cup of street from next door.

32. \"Sugar Don't Bite\" through Sam Harris

This 1984 song has actually a disco flair together he beg for affection in any type of from his beloved:

\"Sugar don't biteI just want to please youDon't do me beg, no noDon't do me furious ya, no.\"

33. \"Sugar\" by Manhattan Transfer

Ever take into consideration your honey \"special ration?\" That's exactly what Manhattan Transfer cases in this sultry 2000 swing-style song:

\"I'd do a million trips to lipsIt ns were a bee...\"

34. \"Candy\" by Manhattan Transfer

The narrator has a sweet tooth because that the lady in this 1975 song. She's one dandy piece of candy the melts in his mouth as well as his hands.

Every year, NECCO, the an equipment of these Sweethearts conversation candies, manufactures 8 exchange rate of them. End 100,000 pounds space sold in between January 1 and also February 14.

Brent Moore via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

35. \"Sell Me Candy\" by Rihanna

From listening come this 2007 song, you'd think there was a shortage the men since Rihanna wants one more girl's candy man. He's licking her fingertips and also trying to market her sweet nothings, and also from the sound of things she's dreadful willing to buy. Leave it alone, Rihanna. The candy's to be opened and also has gone stale.

36. \"Sugar Mama\" by Beyoncé

Queen Bey paints united state a lurid picture (2006) around how she's gonna pull the end her brand-new whip (and I'm not talking whip cream or licorice), do her man sit in her lap and also play sugar Mama. I'll never think that Jolly Ranchers and also waffle cones quite the same way again.

37. \"Sweet Escape\" by Alesso

A lover paints a tender snapshot of unconditional love in this 2015 song in which he assures shelter:

\"And if girlfriend fall, I'll pick you upI'll monitor you 'til the finish of timeWe operation away, a sweet escapeNothing deserve to stop us now.\"

How countless Licks because that the mean Lollipop?

Scientists have found that the takes about 1,000 tongue licks come dissolve 1 cm (0.4 inches) the a lollipop. Walk ahead and bite it.

torbakhopper via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0

Got a tune suggestion that needs to be on this Sugar and Sweets playlist? Leave united state a comment in the Comments section Below!

SongArtistYear Released

38. Sweet Caroline

Neil Diamond


39. Sugar never Tasted therefore Good

White Stripes


40. Street Is Sweeter

CJ Bolland


41. Sugar and Spice

Icon for Hire


42. Sugarfree

Diana Ross


43. Street Daddy

Richie Sambora


44. Melt the Sugar

Summer Obsession


45. Sweeter than Fiction

Taylor Swift


46. Honey would You stand By Me

Kenny Chesney


47. Soul Sister, Brown Sugar

Sam & Dave


48. One Sweet Love

Sara Bareilles


49. Sweet Baby

Macy Gray


50. Tupelo Honey

Van Morrison


51. Sweet Cherry Pie



52. Street Dumplin'

Sam Cooke


53. I desire Candy

Aaron Carter


54. Honey

Mariah Carey


55. Sugar

Jennifer Nettles


56. Sugar

Maren Morris


57. Lips like Sugar

Echo & the Bunnymen


58. Candy

Mandy Moore


59. Candy Rain

Soul for Real


60. Spoonful that Sugar

Julie Andrews


61. Sugar

Fickle Friends


62. Sugar

Robin Schulz (featuring Francesco Yates)


63. A Rose and a baby Ruth

George Hamilton IV


64. Watermelon Sugar

Harry Styles


65. Sex and also Sugar

Marcy Playground


66. Candy

Doja Cat


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As always, another delightful review from one of my favorite authors!

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All of your candy picture are causing serious cravings because that me! LOL

When I witnessed the photograph with the candy heart and also the one that states \"Let's Kiss,\" i was taken earlier to mine wedding day for when it to be time to kiss the bride, mine hubby said, \"Let's Kiss\" ...like i didn't understand it to be time come kiss! LOL i think the was ready to get out the there and on to the honeymoon.

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