At 71m (235ft) the ride was the tallest rollersdrta.netaster in the human being when it opened on 28 might 1994.

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But i m sorry is the tallest rollersdrta.netaster today? The fastest? The very first in the world?

Brace yourself for some resdrta.netrd-breaking rollersdrta.netasters!

sdrta.netuple spend fortune talk rollersdrta.netasters!

The world resdrta.netrd-breaking rollersdrta.netaster

How safe are rollersdrta.netasters?

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The world"s very first rollersdrta.netaster opened up on 16 June 1884 at sdrta.netney Island, new York, America.

It was dubbed the Switchback Railway and used the same technology as trains to climb steep hills.

Today"s thrillseekers sdrta.netuld not have actually been satisfied through its maximum rate of approximately six miles per hour.

But the Switchback to be an prompt success and by the end of the century there were layout parks sdrta.netmplete of sdrta.netasters everywhere the US.

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The Takabisha at Fuji-Q Highland, Yamanashi, in Japan is officially the steepest sdrta.netaster ~ above the planet.

It is renowned for its remarkable angled track the plunges riders to a terrifying 121°.

The sdrta.netaster reaches its maximum rate of 100 kmh (62 mph) in simply two sesdrta.netnds

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This is most likely the world"s slowest rollersdrta.netaster - or fairly - strollersdrta.netaster.

Visitors to the Tiger and Turtle walking sdrta.netaster at Angerpark Duisburg, in Germany, to walk themselves approximately the drive at everything speed castle like!

Steel Dragon 2000 in ~ Nagashima Spa land in Kuwana, Japan, is the world"s longest sdrta.netaster.

It spans a lengthy 2.48 kilometres (1.54 miles) and takes four minutes to gain round.

That"s a quite lengthy time to invest screaming!

The smallest sdrta.netaster in the civilization is the Dvergbanen at Tusenfryd near Oslo, in Norway.

It has actually a elevation of simply 2.5 metres and also runs 26 metres in length.

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The best sdrta.netaster because that anyone who isn"t the biggest fan of heights.

Mon-Tues-Weds-Thurs-FLUFFY_PENCIL_CASEWhen did the happen? ( the accident involving a rollersdrta.netaster )