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Unlock man Cena Street hit gear and Avatar T-Shirt:Enter SLURPEE together a cheat code.Unlock Randy Orton alternative Attire:Enter apexpredator as a cheat code.Unlock Tribute come the Troops arena:Enter 8thannualtribute as a cheat code.Unlock Cruiseweight, Hardcore, Million dissension Championship Belts:Enter historicalbelts as a cheat code.Unlock arenas:
To unlock...

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...you have actually to:
BacklashWin any type of match in ~ Backlash
Bragging RightsWin any type of match at Bragging Rights
Breaking PointWin any kind of match in ~ Elimination Chamber
Druid ArenaComplete EVERY roadway to Wrestlemania Storyline
ECW ArenaWin any kind of match in ~ SummerSlam
Extreme RulesWin any kind of match at too much Rules
Hell in a cell (Pay per View)Win any match in ~ Hell in a Cell
Judgment DayWin any type of match at imperial Rumble
Night that ChampionsWin any match in ~ Night the Champions
Survivor SeriesWin any match at Survivor Series
The BashWin any kind of match at The Bash
TLC (Pay every View)Win any match in ~ "TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs"
Tribute come the TroopsWin any kind of match in ~ Wrestlemania XXVI
Unlock Wrestlers:
To unlock......you have actually to:
DruidComplete every roadway to Wrestlemania Storylines
Ezekial JacksonWin 5 One-on-One matches top top WWE superstars in WWE Universe
FinlayWin 1 One-on-One complement on SmackDown in WWE Universe
Gail KimWin 1 Divas-only complement in WWE Universe
GoldustWin 10 One-on-One matches on life in WWE Universe
Jake "The Snake" RobertsDefeat Jake in week 9 that VS. Undertaker Storyline, without sustaining any kind of limb damage
Jimmy "Superfly" SnukaDefeat Snuka in mainly 10 the VS. Undertaker Storyline in three minutes
Mickie JamesWin 5 Divas-only One-on-One matches in WWE Universe
Mike KnoxWin 5 One-on-One matches ~ above SmackDown in WWE Universe
Mr. McMahonComplete Wrestlemania difficulty Match v John Cena
Paul Bearer (Manager)Complete VS. Undertaker RTWM Storyline
Ricky "The Dragon" SteamboatComplete Wrestlemania challenge Match through Chris Jericho
Rob van DamComplete Rey Mysterio"s RTWM through him collection to Good
Shelton BenjaminWin 10 One-on-One matches top top SmackDown in WWE Universe
Stone Cold Steve AustinComplete Wrestlemania difficulty Match v Christian
Terry FunkComplete Wrestlemania an obstacle Match with Rey Mysterio
The Bella TwinsWin Women"s or Diva"s Championship in ~ PPV in WWE Universe
The RockComplete Wrestlemania difficulty Match in VS.

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Undertaker Storyline
Vladimir KoslovWin 1 One-on-One match on raw in WWE Universe
William RegalWin 10 One-on-One matches ~ above WWE superstars in WWE Universe
Yoshi TatsuWin One-on-One matches on life in WWE Universe
Zack RyderWin 1 One-on-One enhance on WWE superstars in WWE Universe
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