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One might argue that Slipknot is one of the finest bands to see live, but with excessive touring and festival appearances since they exit .

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5: The Gray Chapter in 2014 carry out they quiet live approximately the hype? What keeps your fans wanting more? Teaming up with one more powerhouse indigenous the 90’s, Marilyn Manson, couldn’t hurt, and that’s preserved them top top the road this year.

The tour’s starts were plagued by regrettably events. Originally, the show date for The Forum was scheduled because that June 14, but shortly before the tour started, it was announced that SLipknot frontman Corey Taylor, needed to undergo emergency neck surgery and the original days for a couple of shows were postponed for 2 months. Through the brand-new date being a month shy of the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, you would think that world would hold off top top this show. That didn’t protect against Slipknot pan from pack up The Forum quickly because that an almost-full house, though.

Observing the bordering crowd was divided. It was somewhat straightforward to spot that was there for what band as the lineup was pretty diverse. There were civilization in consistent attire, part wore costumes, and some just were black and stayed quiet next to a wall, reminiscent of the Goth youngsters from South Park.

We an initial ran right into Jose and also Anthony exterior the Forum VIP Club. They were ticket holders because the original date and also were an extremely eager to view Slipknot because that the first time. Cultivation up influenced by standard hair metal bands “I’ve been to just a couple of concerts and this is my very first major concert i am walking to. So ns stoked!” exclaimed Anthony. He first started getting into Slipknot once he was in junior high college just like his peer Jose, who as a musician himself was highly influenced by industrial metal and also goth metal. He claimed the he bonded through Anthony over Slipknot.

On the contrary, we later stumbled top top a group of friends: George, Ditty, Lettie, Adrian, and also Daniella who were every there strictly for Marilyn Manson. George, who was exceptionally influenced by the lyrical content, first started listening come the band back in 2002, watched a many Manson’s performances via YouTube and also finally obtaining a opportunity to watch him live in on his The Pale Emperor album tourism in 2015. George tells us “He changed a lot! he did readjust a lot because before. He is much more grown up.”

We spotted a father and son unit, Nate and also Tanner, attract Slipknot inspired jumpsuits. The pair were itching to lug their masks into the meet which regrettably didn’t allow any masks inside. See Slipknot four times together before, the two described what keeps them coming back because that more. “Energy, environment, and also the words come the music.” Nate said. “Everything just combined just provides you a cost-free feeling with community,” Tanner chimed in.

Promptly in ~ 8pm, Rihanna’s song “Bitch far better Have mine Money” come over the PA and 666 disagreement bills with Manson’s photo started falling to the floor. The curtain dropped and also out came Marilyn Manson engaging the crowd through “Angel through the Scabbed Wings.” freshly Manson has been touring through smaller clubs and also venues. People have been suggesting that that is not the exact same or has actually been having some bad shows. Those civilization are method off. He put on an remarkable performance from start to finish, jumping out into the crowd a few times in the set and belting out lyrics right into his fans’ faces. That was surprising the he only did one track from The Pale Emperor “Cupid carries a Gun,” with many of the set consisting of songs from enlarge albums, which sounded amazing in addition to his voice traveling through the Forum.

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The fans were ecstatic, responding v mosh pits and also singing in addition to their favourite songs. “The Dope Show,” “Antichrist Superstar,” “The Beautiful People” and the classic “Sweet dreams (Are Made that This)” Eurythmics cover. Return his shows are a bit tamer than what most people remembered, that still had theatrics involving backdrop changes, stage props, a tall podium and walking top top stilts. With a new album, speak 10, in the works for 2017, Marilyn Manson has a lot more in save for us.