I was when a werewolf, then i went and became a Vampire lord. After that I wanted to become a werewolf again, so ns talked come Aela and she rotate me earlier into one. Because that some reason I didn't find out from no wanting to be a vampire lord, so I came to be one again. After that, ns married Aela and also now she's my wife and also won't allow me come to be a werewolf with the dialogue. I believed it was due to the fact that I to be a vampire for this reason I acquired cured. She still does not give me the option. Go anyone know how to become a werewolf, or settle my wife? Please and thank you.

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TL;DR: I want to become a werewolf again, also though I'm married come Aela. I'm guessing she's the problem.


I was a vampire lord as soon as I married Aela, and also she did have actually the alternative to change back to a werewolf (which i did). As stated before, the Ring the Hircine could be your finest shot. And also there is a way to use it as regularly as friend want: ~ you've offered it, un-equip and re-equip it. It need to work again. (The ring should give you a new power, as mentioned)

EDIT: i turned vampire again to finish a search that was bugging me in my questlog. And you're right, ns can't asking Aela to rotate me once again. Currently I'm stuck together a vampire (if ns can't find an additional cure, because I walk the Falion one already).

Falion deserve to cure friend an countless amount that times. You just need to ask an additional bartender and also they will mention it.

You have the right to only end up being a werewolf again once, after questioning Aela once, that's it. Either remain a werewolf or don't.

You're stuck, sorry. Aela only uses it to you once much more because it's semi-required to come to be a Vampire mr for Dawnguard. After that, it's the last time. And seeing together it's no a quest, and just a dialogue option, there's no console command girlfriend can bring up come restart the quest again.

The only thing I can suggest is going into the console, and also typing "setstage C03 5" or "resetquest C03". This might work-related to reset the Companions key Questline pursuit where you first turned right into a werewolf, yet I'm not certain it'll work. Be certain to save an initial in instance something go terribly wrong.

In Dawngaurd you gain to speak come Aela and also she'll give you the choice to. I just did the search for Hircine hoping that it would enable me to, the did no work. Ring the Hircine only permits you to come to be a werewolf much more often every day.

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Is it due to the fact that it's the leader of the Companions who turns you into a Werewolf and not especially Aela and also because you married Aela she is no classed as the leader?

I don't know, i'm just guessing yet Aela died in mine game and also Farkas is currently the leader that the companions.