Starting this to aid ID bikes. This write-up will contain links to serial number datatbases, pictures and also anything else the will help to ID your old bike. This will certainly be a occupational in progression so pm me any info you have that may help. Most web links will it is in for outside sites.1. Uncover the serial number top top the bike. Locations- under BB, dropouts, headtube, seatpost clamp. Serial Number Databases2. Look for a brand name on headbadge or chainguard. The brand surname is not constantly the manufacture. Manufacture/Brands3. At some point looking at pictures or catalogs may help.Catalog and photo Databases4. Or look because that characteristic ~ above the bike to assist find manufacture. Pics of dropouts, forks, badges, seat clusterBike structure characteristics

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Re: bike Identfication Help.- Serial NumbersSerial Number DatabasesScwhinnCruiser serial number lookup really Cool. Automatically computes because that you and even tells once it might be two different years.Scwhinn Serial Numbers-manual lookupColumbia Serial NumbersHuffman Serial Numbers- compiled at thecabeHuffy Serial Number decodingMurray Serial Numbers- compiled in ~ thecabeRaliegh Serial Numbers- Most frequently a Sturmey Archer hub date is faster.CCM Serial Numbers

Re: bike Identfication Help.- who Made It?
Manufactures prefer Shelby, CWC and Murray made bikes for Sears, Montgomery Wards, etc.... Look because that Brand name on chainguards and also headbadges then discover the to produce below.Shelby - Hiawatha (years)CWC-Hiawatha (years)Murray-Sears-Elgin-HiawathaWestfield-Columbia-Elgin

Re: bicycle Identfication Help- Catalogs and snapshot DatabaseCatalogs and also Reference picsPicture Database Search type in Brand, model etc at oldroads.comTR Findley"s Schwinn CatalogsBicycle Chronicles-SchwinnSchwinn CruisersScwhinn StingVintage Columbia"sJ.C. Higgins info little photos galore , photos galore 2Pre 1920 BikesLiterature , literary works 2Badges

Re: cycle Identfication Help.- cycle CharacteristicsPictures of tell-tale signs of manufacture- i need in-depth pictures the dropouts, seat cluster, forks, headbadge etc...Example Murray dropouts are pointy. PIC
Here"s common 50"s-early 60"s Columbia dropouts, kickstand bracket, and consistent top tube, courtesy that Maddogrider"s rrbo4 entry.
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So numerous bikes that the varieties we room interested in have lost identifying marks. The does come to be necessary to perform this type of cross-referencing to identify what it is the you have actually found.Once this basics room complete, hopefully us can obtain into part specifics in ~ brands that will help identify year of manufacture much more closely. For example, practically all manufacturers readjusted their metal headbadges come foil sticker labels at some point in the later on years the American production or as Taiwan or Chinese manufacturing begins. My very own pile the Columbia frames mirrors a few different styles of headbadges as well as frame construction.Some small bits of knowledge I"ve choose up over the years:Schwinn was distinct in your "Electro-forged" frame building that developed the smooth curve of the tubes meeting the head tube.Other joints do on the bike may be rough, yet the frame head is constantly smooth and rounded. Several of the 10-speed bikes that the classic era, but used Japanese frames (Panasonic built) and these would be lugged frames (typically LeTour and some civilization or Traveler models).Columbia make bicycles various other than lightweights often feature that distinct rear hoop behind the seat post, as displayed in the above picture. The only other instance I know of for this arched top chainstay architecture is ~ above the Vista bicycles. You have the right to see that style on a Vista Torino 500 20" bicycle on mine site: bicycles (Chain bike Co. Of NY) frequently use a twin height tube design. Most of the boys 20" models provided this, except the chopper-style Apollos. This style extends the peak chainstays every the means to the headtube, and a second pair the cantilever bars runs parallel below these. Multi speed models up to "73 may have actually a shifter clip welded under the peak tubes. Ross Barracudas are an instance of this style.Columbia used various brand hubs on the same model bikes. Ns have had several females Columbia sporting activities 3"s, greatly with Sturmey Archer AW hubs, yet 1 had actually a Shimano coaster 3 hub. All these bikes appeared to be 100% original. Huffy constructed bikes for the grants department stores. Ns have examples of similar components and frame designs on Huffy-badged and Grants-badged bicycles. Huffy in ~ one time also sold "The Wheel" and other "rail" kind 20" chopper bicycles come Sears. These and the much more common Murray bikes may be badged as totally free Spirits.Murray developed many bikes that ended up with various other brand names. A friend owns a totally original 1959 26" men"s cruiser badged as a "Fleetwing" v Murray "M" decals on the chair post and Cleveland Welding point out on the cycle in miscellaneous places.Coaster hubs: this is far better documented in various other places, however a quick summary of the usual Bendix hubs is always helpful. Through 1982, the Bendix hubs it seems to be ~ to have been replaced with Shimano coasters. Bendix 76 hubs are provided from late 76 ~ above (1977 up models). Bendix 70 hubs appear in late 1970 because that 1971 to 76 models. Prior to that, there are various versions that the Red tape hub. The RB2 version was in use from 1966 or 67 to 1970. Over there is also a RB "Junior" hub made simultaneously to these because that children"s bikes, but I do not have actually firm production dates on these.When handle with any type of "unknown" bike, it"s always helpful to take it apart major assemblies and search for casting info or engraved dates or manufacturer codes. Because that example, a Schwinn one-piece crank will have actually a date code forged right right into it. At an early stage models (mid 50"s or earlier) may only say "AS&CO". Later on ones, favor the crank on my workshop table best now offer the day code this way: SA 6 69 , a June 1969 crank. The SA together I understand it method "Schwinn Ashtabula", Ashtabula being the company that in reality did the forgings because that Schwinn for your cranks, forks, and also stems. Likewise, with plenty of components, day codes have the right to be found or decoded to narrow under the construct date the the bicycle. Handlebars, cranks, forks, pedals, tires, hubs, stems, rims, and also sometimes even bearings can give up date codes to aid determine what that is you have actually found.This looks like it will certainly be a an important tool come the forum. Hope lots of great info floor here. We"re off to a good start.--Rob