10 points Fans Don't Know about Scourge The Hedgehog In 1992, Archie Comics produced Sonic the Hedgehog — however how much do girlfriend know around one the his many vindictive opponents, Scourge the Hedgehog?

In 1992, Archie Comics created what we now understand as the well known “gotta go fast” hedgehog by the surname of Sonic. Because the bear of this character, there has actually been a slew of various other creatures included into the civilization of Moebius-Prime, including one of Sonic’s many vindictive opponents, Scourge.

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Scourge has eco-friendly fur and is frequently seen attract a flame embroidered animal leather vest and also red sunglasses. While he possesses all the same abilities as the real Sonic (such as super speed and also strength), he has never to be able to regime superior end the speedy blue hedgehog.

Scourge’s tale is as lengthy and facility and Sonic’s, v some tiny known facts around this character, commonly slipping v the cracks.

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Archie Comics teamed up with Sega in 1992 to create a comic book collection out of the popular Sonic video clip game. The collection lasted till 2017 and also now holds a Guinness civilization Record because that longest released comic based off a video clip game.

Scourge an initial appeared in the collection in 1994 together Sonic’s direct counterpart. Scourge came from Anti-Moebius, one of the thousands of parallel universes in the Sonic comic series. He to be written right into the collection as a cliche, Sonic’s “evil twin,” who served as a confusing competitor to the comic’s cardinal character.

9 His original Name to be \"Evil Sonic’

Scourge to be originally named Anti-Sonic or angry Sonic when he very first landed on the pages. He came from an alternating universe indigenous the world Anti-Moebius. This realm presented the precise opposite the Sonic’s world Moebius-Prime, complete with the angry Anti freedom Fighters (later recognized as the Suppression Squad).

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On this planet, the evil Dr. Robotnik has a winter opposite: a kindly veterinary by the surname of Dr. Kintobor. Evil Sonic to be the ringleader because that the Anti freedom Fighters till the team ousted him because of his damaging leadership.

While the was dubbed as the Anti-Sonic, Scourge looked similar to the titular hedgehog. He was drawn in v blue fur and also green eyes and virtually equivalent abilities. The only functions that collection the two look-a-likes personal were evil Sonic’s accessories. He was fashioned with a leather jacket, boots, and vintage-style sunglasses. This at first made it easy for Sonic’s evil equivalent to take it the protagonist\"s place and also terrorize Moebius-Prime.

However, creators later decided to reimagine the personality in bespeak to more his story. In attempts come steal the grasp Emerald native Locke the Guardian, angry Sonic obtained his now noteworthy scratch marks across his belly. In the same misadventure, evil Sonic had actually a poor reaction come the grasp Emerald, which caused his fur transforming green and his eyes blue. This discernible point out helped create what us now recognize as Scourge the Hedgehog.

7 that May have Killed His Father

Scourge’s father is Anti-Jules, who provided to rule the plant Anti-Moebius. He to be a enormous contributor come the great Peace, a time wherein the planet saw stagnant peace and also prosperity. This era the peace, however, seemed to add to the planet’s ultimate decline. Ten year later, Scourge plans come overtake the earth in cahoots through the Suppression Squad. That is throughout this takeover the his father is killed. Since Scourge to be the leader of the Suppression Squad, that is believed that Anti-Jules passed away at the hands of his son.

The Chaos Emerald grants the user brief super capability of their herbal selves. For the hedgehogs, this way the Chaos Emerald would make castle faster and stronger than they currently are. Per his employer’s indict (the evil Dr. Robotnik), Scourge discovered his way to Moebius-Prime wherein he finds the Chaos Emerald on Floating Island. Anti-Knuckles acts together his help before his guilt gets to him. Anti-Knuckles eventually informs the flexibility Fighters of Scourge’s attempts and they room able come thwart the theft of the coveted emerald.

5 Scourge dated Sonic’s Ex

Scourge is well-known for his ill-fitted comments towards the mrs characters in the Sonic series. However, his arrogant actions seemed come propel the understand of Fiona Fox. Fiona is in reality an ex-girlfriend the Sonic on Moebius-Prime. After ~ a life of small crime, she tried to revolve over a brand-new leaf by authorized the liberty Fighters. That was below that she initially started a partnership with Sonic prior to converting ago to her old ways. Fiona fell in love through Scourge as he to be the specific opposite that Sonic. She eventually ruled as Queen of Anti-Moebius together Scourge after helping him take end the planet. After ~ the Suppression formation turned your backs top top Scourge and also Fiona, the 2 were compelled to go their separate ways.

while on a rescue mission through the freedom Fighters, Sonic’s absence was taken benefit of by Scourge. Before his green transformation, Scourge’s the same appearance to Sonic enabled him and also his Anti-Freedom Fighter organization to pose as the heroes the Moebius-Prime.

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While they were able to fool the locals at first, Scourge and also his friends were eventually uncovered out, and Sonic and his friends to be able to banish their angry counterparts ago to their own reality.

3 He had A Stalker

in spite of his frequent desire come spur the attention of the females, Scourge unwillingly came to be a spectacle for Rosy the Rascal. Rose is the polar the opposite of Amy Rose, the erratic fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. While Amy increased fights for the affection the Sonic, rose the Rascal is after ~ Scourge in anger because he is constantly skip her. Rosy haunts the environment-friendly hedgehog and finally confronts him, much to the are afraid of Scourge. He is may be to acquire away and also only has actually to face her again when he becomes Super Scourge. In ~ this point, that is maybe to quickly defeat his pesky, stunner stalker.

metal Scourge was made alongside steel Sonic at the hand of Dr. Eggman. The two metal-based replicas of the hedgehogs have actually the same capabilities, including supersonic speed and also strength. Because of this unprecedented match, Sonic and also Scourge are compelled to job-related together to defeat Dr. Eggman’s creations.

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1 supervisor Scourge Wasn\"t constantly Purple

Scourge is maybe to acquire temporary invulnerability and also excessive power through the Anarchy Beryl, transforming him into Super Scourge. Anarchy Beryl is the counterpart to Moebius-Prime’s Chaos Emerald i m sorry hosts unlimited power.

Super Scourge has actually black scleras and red irises. His fur and also boots revolve purple, his glasses and jacket flames room blue, and his scars become more defined. At sight Scourge underwent four different concepts before the final look was chose upon.