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Can you mix Sch 40 and Sch 80 pipe/fittings? For example I am having actually a difficult time finding 3/4" Sch 40 API 5L FBE smooth pipe, yet I can find Sch 80, Is it okay to upgrade to Sch 80 and also intermix with Sch 40, or will certainly the fittings and pipe not attach properly?
The exterior diameter stays the same regardless of schedule. Schedule 40 and schedule 80 pipe usage the same fittings and also same points of entry, making them interchangeable interchangeable in jobs that don’t call for a heavier walled pipe.
Schedule 80 fittings will mate through Sch 40 pipe. The only worry is the I.D. Of the two will not complement absolutely. But in the size you room talking about (3/4") the is more than likely not a problem as long as your circulation rates room low and also the business is no a slurry.

Sometimes its feasible to perform all the right things and still get bad results

Welding wall thicknesses that 3/32"+ (2.38mm) will call for special taper reduced or a change piece under some codes.
If you"re butt welding the parts, you must not mix wall thicknesses. Even if you effectively back-taper the bore, you are most likely to failure radiographic examination- not due to real problems, but due to problems of interpreting the radiographs.If you room socket welding, which would make the most sense at 3/4" NPS in many services, climate the pipe wall doesn"t issue - presume the lighter wall is adequately solid for the service.
In general, yes, you can replace a lighter weight fitting v a more heavier schedule fitting. You can replace a light load (thinner wall) pipe like Sch40 v its heavier-walled same-dia Sch80, same product for most welded fittings - target weld prep"s have to be handle as stated above. BUT! Flanges room different: you can normally use a heavier-walled pipe in ~ a pipeline or a pipe operation (make sure you update the as-built configuration record accordingly for the section) if the mentioned flanges mounted outside the pipe stay the same. You cannot arbitrarily replace lower-rated flanges with heavier-rated (higher-rated) flanges due to the fact that the bolt holes, gaskets, bolt lengths and diameters, and flange deals with will then differ.
Hay folks the initial question just referred to 3/4" piping, let"s no go overboard.

Sometimes its feasible to carry out all the right things and also still get negative results

Yes, you can use greater schedule pipeline always. Just have to make sure the velocity should not exceeds above. As far as 3/4" pipeline concernd, there will certainly be 2mm difference in between both schedule i m sorry is actually much less than 10%. I believe it need to be fine. You re welcome bore the pipe to suit the identifier of sch.40.
Keep in mental your stress analysis, if performed, may have a different outcome. Sch80, though thicker and often taken into consideration to be more powerful by many people, is less flexible and also easily induce greater thermal displacement stresses, which have the right to be detrimental (though i doubt if this would certainly be the instance for 3/4"). I as soon as ran right into the instance where sch10 wasn"t accessible and we had actually to usage sch20. The (negative) impact on the stress evaluation was there for sure.



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