There are a couple of easy to fix factors why your Saturn Ion’s crucial might acquire stuck in the ignition. It’s often easy to unstick the key. Everything you do, don’t begin trying to rip it out of the ignition. That can cause bigger problems.

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This post is written through the assumption that your vital is stuck appropriate now, and also that you space looking to get it out.

A vital getting stuck in her Ion’s ignition is no the most typical problem. You can go the whole life that the vehicle and also this typically won’t happen.

Key grounding in Ignition Causes: Saturn Ion


Here are several of the most typical reasons why the crucial would gain stuck in the ignition. They space presented somewhat in the order of most likely to the very least likely to it is in the cause.

Parking Lock

All vehicles equipped v automatic transmissions have actually a lock that keeps the vital from being gotten rid of from the ignition while the auto is in gear. This stays clear of your Ion native “rolling off”.

When the automobile is in any type of other gear than park will certainly act choose neutral and roll far without the parking brake on. Leave the crucial stuck in the lock is the manufacturers means of informing you that you should put it in park before you leaving the driver’s seat.

Steering Lock

A many vehicles are equipped v a steering lock. This lock have the right to bind the ignition switch and get the an essential stuck native time to time. This is specifically true ~ above hills. Manipulating your Ion’s steering wheel can unbind the key.

Bad Key

Bent– end time and repeated use, a an essential can bend. If this is the case, you’ll need to get a brand-new one. This worry often happens with cheap duplicated keys. If you execute massage the crucial out, walk ahead and also throw that away. Take the good key and duplicate it. Rusted– A vital that is rusted can acquire stuck in the ignition system easily. The doesn’t have to be a most rust. Just enough to store it from relocating freely. Similar to a bent key, just start over. As soon as something rusts, the comes back a lot easier. Debris– If you’ve used your crucial to clean miscellaneous off, or gained food (or other debris) on the somehow, you’ll uncover that it have the right to pretty quickly stick in the ignition lock. Worn– If a vital has worn previous the point of usefulness, it deserve to start failing to pass through the ignition lock. Instead of the an essential would be ideal. If you have actually a crucial that’s in much better shape, you’d desire to usage that one to make a duplicate.


If you have no vital to duplicate, countless manufacturers have the right to use the VIN number to cut you a brand brand-new OEM key. Simply be ready to prove ownership to Saturn in some way.

Ignition Lock Cylinder

The Ion’s ignition lock cylinder itself have the right to go negative over time. While it would seem choose the many likely reason for a an essential to acquire stuck in the ignition at first, compared to it being a negative key, this is not nearly as likely.

Replacing them have the right to be tricky. This is finest left come a professional, through today’s digital theft prevention mechanisms there have the right to be a lot come this.


If your Saturn Ion’s battery doesn’t have enough voltage to properly connect the security mechanisms that leave your vital stuck in the ignition can reason the issue.

How to Get vital Unstuck: Saturn Ion

Here are means that friend can gain your Ion’s crucial free. This is our recommended order to perform them in.

Make sure You have Voltage

Is the battery charged? If the car still beginning it must be fine. But, because this requires virtually no initiative to check, why not begin here? low voltage have the right to keep the ignition lock mechanism from effectively functioning.

Wiggle the Steering Wheel

Give the wheel a wiggle while easy trying to turn the vital out of the ignition. If the steering lock is resulting in a bind, this will certainly relieve the pressure and also get the vital out. This is a very common instance when girlfriend park top top hills, park with the wheels turned every the means in one direction, or if the wheels to be turned v the car not moving prior to the ignition to be shut off.

Shifter Issues

Make sure your Ion is in park. Even if it is in park, press the shifter up greater toward park if gently transforming the key. Friend don’t should manhandle anything. You’re just looking to view if the park lock system is failing. If that is, the vital should come appropriate out.

Lubricate the Key

Now the we’ve tried every one of the easier, and also likely things that can make a Ion’s crucial get stuck that aren’t the vital itself, it’s time to go ahead and shot to gain the key out. You’re going to desire to use a tiny amount that lubricant to see if the can assist you gain the key moving.

If you deserve to still relocate the an essential forward, walk ahead and do it so the you can gain the lubrication spread out a little. Don’t pressure it too hard or you’ll rest it off in the cylinder.

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Trouble Codes

It’s time to use a password scanner and also see if over there are any type of diagnostic trouble codes that have the right to illuminate the problem.

Conclusion: Ion crucial Stuck

If her Ion’s an essential is still grounding after walking through every one of these steps, it might be time to have a mechanic take it a look in ~ the ignition lock and see if it has gone bad. If there’s anything that you’ll favor to add, please leave a comment below. Good luck!