It’s tough to believe, yet it’s been nearly a decade due to the fact that the last illustration of Make that or rest It blessed ours TV screens. Due to the fact that we’ve finished recapping this distinct series, we believed it would certainly be funny to take it a look in ~ what our favourite characters are most likely up to now that your flipping days space behind them.

Enter evident *none the this is real* disclaimer here. 

Payson Keeler

Ah, Payson. Our super Focused™, occasionally boy crazy, can’t-help-but-root-for heroine. Since her time in the gym (and after us assume she won that Olympic gold medal), Payson go on to motivate rather by coming to be a college coach. Because that which team you ask? Denver, clear (with a small help from volunteer assistant coach Sasha Belov). Our girl necessary to remain close to home so she could likewise volunteer she time helping the next generation of rock gymnasts reach greatness. Her parents, Kim and Mark, retirement to Minnesota. If friend have any information regarding the whereabouts the Becca Keeler, please contact the Boulder Police Department. 

Kaylie Cruz

Following the Olympics, Kaylie and her recently rekindled flame, Austin, repurposed among his five multi-level lake homes into an eating disorder therapy center. Though your romance no last, the pair have actually remained friends, company partners and also occasional co-commentators for ESPN. Kaylie, that edged out Genji Cho because that all around gold in ~ the 2012 Olympics, exit a moderately effective single, “Degree of Difficulty” the peaked in ~ No. 8 on the Adult contemporary music charts in 2013. More recently, Kaylie was the runner-up top top season 2 of “The masked Singer” in i m sorry she contended as “Rock.” 

Lauren Tanner 

Since winning team gold and an individual silver- on beam at the 2012 games, Lauren has parlayed her Olympic success into pop culture superstardom by joining the cast of Bravo’s hit collection “The genuine Housewives that Boulder.” when not liven filming RHOB, she and husband Jake space board members the the American Olympic training Center and have plenty of replicas of Otis included throughout their considerable grounds (including an impressive water function on the southern lawn). Lauren’s father, Steve Tanner, to be disbarred because of his role in a gymnastics-based Ponzi scheme. He’s currently solitary and stays in a tiny home on Lauren’s estate.

Emily Kmetko

Emily still lives in las Vegas, helping mommy Chloe run her uber-successful national restaurant chain, Boulders. Emily and also Damon reunited after the bear of their very first child, MyKynnlee, and just commemorated their 10th wedding anniversary. An enlarge and more confident Emily recently made decision she wasn’t quite finished with elite gymnastics and also is training in earnest because that the 2020 Olympics.

Jordan Randall

Unlike she Olympic teammates, Jordan determined to retain she amateur status and also earned a gymnastics scholarship to the college of Michigan. After her record-breaking collegiate career, she offered as volunteer assistant coach and choreographer for the Wolverines if earning her J.D. At the university’s prestigious legislation school.

Wendy Capshaw

Wendy has actually understandably stayed under-the-radar since her dismissal indigenous the U.S. Nationwide team and also lifetime half from the NGO. Together of 2018, she was working as a pharmaceuticals rep in Des Moines, yet her true goal is to come to be a #bossbabe selling Isagenix smoothies. 

Sasha Belov

Our favorite fearless leader couldn’t bear to be far from the coaching human being for also long. Needing a change from the elite world, Sasha adhered to Payson’s lead and also ended up coaching in ~ the university of Denver. That reunites with Marty for beers when a month, whereby they record up end old memories and also polish their medals. 

Summer van Horne

Summer is still controlling The Rock and waiting because that The One. She recently joined Christian Mingle and also is currently overwhelmed by the quantity of Matthews, Marks, Lukes and Johns to choose from. 

Kelly Parker 

After Kelly Parker experienced the light, quit gymnastics and got emancipated from Abby Lee Miller her mother, she pursued her level in psychology and also graduated through honors from Stanford.

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She go on to start her very own YouTube channel, whereby she had the ability to channel she years the media training into fame together an influencer.

Ellen Beals

She died. 


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Article by Claire Billman and also Kalley Leer

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