Rontu is Karana’s dog. Before she captures and tames him, she describes him together “the leader,” as he’s the leader the the wild dogs’ pack. She trust he involved the Island that the Blue Dolphins through the Aleuts, together he looks nothing like the dogs the are indigenous to the island—he has actually thick gray fur, yellow eyes, and also is bigger 보다 the aboriginal dogs. At first, Karana blames him for killing Ramo and vows to death him in return. But when the dog no fight ago after Karana shoots that in the chest, Karana brings him home, tends to his wounds, and ultimately decides she likes having actually an pet friend around. At this suggest she names him Rontu, which means “fox eyes.” Rontu is incredibly loyal to Karana and also only pipeline her a couple of times, one of two people to each other or fight through the other wild dogs. He goes everywhere with her, even in the canoe. Rontu’s favorite points to execute are follow the gulls and bark at the miscellaneous fish and birds top top the island. He’s specifically interested in the devilfish (octopus), even though the devilfish injures him once Karana ultimately captures it. As he gets older, Rontu spends more and an ext time sleeping in the sunshine. He dies at Karana’s feet after uncharacteristically refusing come bark at the gulls. Karana buries that on the headland with his favourite stick.

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The Island of the Blue Dolphins quotes listed below are all either talked by Rontu/The Leader or describe Rontu/The Leader. For each quote, girlfriend can also see the other characters and themes regarded it (each design template is indicated by its very own dot and also icon, like this one:

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).Note: all page numbers and citation information for the quotes listed below refer to the house turn Mifflin Harcourt execution of Island that the Blue Dolphins published in 2010.

As ns lay there i wondered what would happen to me if ns went versus the regulation of ours tribe, which forbade the make of tools by women—if ns did no think that it in ~ all and made those things which i must have actually to protect myself.

Would the four winds punch in native the 4 directions that the world and smother me together I made the weapons? Or would certainly the earth tremble, as numerous said, and bury me in ~ its fallout’s rocks? Or, together others said, would the sea rise over the island in a destructive flood? would certainly the tools break in my hands at the moment when my life remained in danger, which is what my father had said?