The human being at Remington history section would certainly tell you the “All Sportsman shotguns produced had an “S” coming before the serial number.” and also their SN’s began at 500,000. The stuff you discover on the internet says:In 1930, they likewise introduced a three-shot variation in 20-gauge dubbed "The Sportsman." The 20-gauge “The Sportsman” had serial numbers start low 1? possibly 1000? They added 12- and also 16-gauge "The Sportsman" in 1931, through 12-gauge "The Sportsman" having serial numbers starting at 500,000 and also 16-gauges having serial numbers starting at 200,000. "The Sportsman" had a three-bird roll-stamping on every side that the receiver. In 1934 DuPont acquired managing interest the Remington eight Co., Inc. In 1937, Remington decreased the roll-stamping ~ above "The Sportsman" the bird on every side and started placing the roll-stamping on design 11 receivers as well. In ~ the exact same time, the surname "The Sportsman" or "Model 11" started being stamped top top the bolt. On Sep. 28, 1937, they quit the separate serial number sequence in the 2xx,xxx selection for the 16-gauge "The Sportsman"; on Aug. 24, 1937, they quit the separate serial number succession in the 5xx,xxx variety for the 12-gauges and finally ~ above Feb. 14, 1938, they finished the different serial numbers because that the 20-gauge “The Sportsman” in ~ 16,753. From then on the "Model 11" and also "The Sportsman" to be serial numbered together, proceeding the design 11 sequences. Merged 12-gauge "Model 11" and "The Sportsman" serial numbers reached 499,999 on respectable 1, 1943. Serial numbers were climate jumped to 700,000 and also continued."I"ve watched plenty the Sportsmen firearms with S18xx, 509,xxx, and S500,8xx serial numbers every one of which have actually the Sportsman engraved in them.It"s becoming my opinion that prior to DuPont taking over that they had separate numbering system with the S preceding numbers. But, ~ the take over. DuPont linked production lines and all were void that the S.Can anyone burned a little light on the matter???
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Re: Sportsman Serial Numbers

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I don"t think I have the right to make it any type of clearer 보다 my paragraph you quoted above. The does appear that early The "Sportsman" serial numbers to be prefaced v an S, yet at part point, before combining The "Sportsman" serial numbers v the version 11 serial number they dropped the S prefix. Those days for once they merged the serial numbers are from the factory serial number logs.

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However, i don"t believe there is a firmly characterized time the they moved The Sportsman native the left next of the receiver to the bolt.
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Re: Sportsman Serial Numbers

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Remington told me two of my weapons (1100s) did no exist based on the serial numbers, and there is/was a Ducks countless Commemorative pistol on GunBroker with a Remington factory Letter stating that is is a restricted Edition Dinner Gun, and also it is not. The could expense someone some real money. I would certainly trust Researcher, hands down.