The version 770 bolt-action rifle, by Remington, manages to raise a most eyebrows. Countless times, when world hear the name 770, they immediately start bashing it. Part go for this reason far as to call that a waste of money, or also a throwaway gun. It has been around about a decade, since 2007, and is based generally on the previous low-budget model 710. To be clean – yes, the is a budget plan rifle and also is not presented as anything yet that. If ns am no mistaken, the version 770 is the most inexpensive rifle in the Remington weapons catalog, priced at about $300 (MSRP). Go that average it is useless? Of course not. It might not be pretty, it might not it is in the biggest bolt-action rifle, and it may not it is in equipped v the best scope ideal out the the box, however it it s okay the project done, and also it serves its purpose.

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Remington design 770

Remington 770 270 Specs

Caliber: .270 WinchesterAction: Bolt-ActionLength: 42.5″Barrel Length: 22″Weight: 8.6 lbsStock: SyntheticSights: 3-9 X 40 ScopeCapacity: 4 + 1 Rounds, Mag-FedFinish: BlackMSRP: $300

Remington design 770 Build

Remington model 770 Build

The version 770 is recognized for that cheap build. Again, what perform you expect from a $300 rifle? The develop is quiet plastic, overall, but details parts which obtained complaints during the time the the version 710 were replaced with steel. Since of this, that is (or was) Remington’s very own recommendation that this rifle is offered by beginner and leisure shooters. The target sector for the 770 is not knowledgeable hunters, but rather those who only go on the occasional camping or hunting trip. An ext advanced shooters might not discover what lock are searching for with the 770 and also will think about it a item of junk.

Remington model 770 Shooting

Remington model 770 In Action

Okay, so the develop is cheap and also it is expected for beginner etc., yet does it shoot well? The answer is yes. Yes, the does. The pre-mounted scope come sighted in for 100 yards, and also it works. Previous 100 yards, the scope is more an overwhelming to work with, yet it tho provides an excellent aim. The cause is no the best, yet it will fire. Being a bolt-action rifle with 5 rounds, it method that you will probably be spending much more time calculating every shot, and also – provided those situations – the 770 is an altogether accurate, albeit awkward, searching rifle.

A searching rifle needs an ext than accuracy, however, and also this is wherein the 770 begins to exhibit part issues. The bolt, the stock, the trigger, poor cycling at times. Ns didn’t actually endure these yet am just stating what I have been told and have read. Choose I said, the 770 it s okay a negative rap, and also only several of it is justified. Eventually, you’ll have actually to consist of your very own mind about this rifle, however as much as actual performance is concerned? I have no complaints. The thing shoots and also shoots well.

Remington design 770 Magazines and also Sights

The newspaper which I used was fine, but I walk hear of other mags i m sorry failed often, and which brought about a jam in the bolt. Part say the limiting the magazine capacity to 3 rounds will aid solve the issue, but that is type of a backdoor fix. Ns mean, the mag is intended for four rounds, for this reason why no use 4 rounds? climate again, the is a cheap gun, for this reason if using three rounds instead of 4 will fix your issue, and you’re happy with that solution, execute it and don’t look back. Pay no attention to what anyone else says. If you’re happy v your firearm, every little thing it might be, then proceed to usage it and make the most of it.

The scope the comes through the rifle is well for brief to mid-range targets, but anything else will probably be difficult. If you choose to change that scope through a better one, remember the as far as scopes go, they must cost an ext than the rifle, specifically if we’re talking about an economic rifle prefer the design 770.

Remington version 770 Safety and Assembly

The 770 has actually a hands-on safety device which stays clear of accidental and unintended discharge. The safety and security guards the create when engaged, and prevents the shooter from pulling it. It’s at the ago right the the receiver, and an S shows that the safety switch is on. Move to the F position once ready to fire. Security reminder – constantly treat a gun as if the is loaded.

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The rifle’s assembly and disassembly have the right to be a little bit tricky. But overall it is lot like any kind of other bolt-action rifle out there. Nothing special, nothing unique. The one thing I do need to cite has nothing to do with stripping – the sling mounts. They room plastic, and also it seems that they can break easy. If they do, unfortunately, there is nothing that deserve to be done, except speak to Remington and also get a new stock in. Over there is a restricted lifetime vouch on every Remington rifles, so get in touch a customer organization rep to view what they have the right to do because that you.