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Hello, ns am looking at a Remington design 1100 shotgun v a serial numbeon the reciever N291023V any type of information the end there that anyone can provide me on this information. I execute not have actually the barrel details yet. Yet hopefully this can assist me some. Any information will be helpfull. Thanks in advance
Not sure what info you are looking for, the "V" shows you have actually a standard framework (2¾") 12ga. I"m not mindful of any lists of manufacturing dates based on serial numbers because that the version 1100. The barrel date code will be the use, but if the barrel is not original, then no as useful.
Serial number prefix "N" ran native 1978 come 1985. The "V" suffix indicates a 12 gauge 2-3/4" receiver. Probably 1980. "Second generation".
What i am in search of is an older design 1100 late 70"s at an early stage 80"s design in excelent condition. I uncovered this one, however what is confusing me is it has actually changable throttle tubes, and I did no think the version 1100"s came v this choke pipe system. And also that this started with the 11-87"s.the seller guesses the it is at the very least a mid 80"s model however he is not sure. The is advertized as a "Special factory made rem. 1100 with screw in throttle tubes" I have not seen the total yet various other than pics. It is high gloss vent rib.Im just trying to get some clarify on its age and maybe im completely incorrect ~ above the 1100"s and also choke tubes.I favor the choking tubes, however im also looking because that an older standard gun.
That is more than likely a gun that had actually choke tube retrofitted, or a later RemChoke barrel was added. You space correct; RemChokes did no arrive till 1987, and also they come on the 11-87. That is a 2nd generation gun - Serial numbers perform not lie - and also should have the checkering pattern and also rollmarking that came along in 1979. Any type of Remington 1100 barrel will fit in ~ gauge and series, with the caveat that several of the more recent 1100 Sporting models have the wider extractor native the 11-87s, and also the slot in the barrel would need to be opened up up to usage an enlarge barrel v the newer guns. The turning back swap is a non issue.PS - there space no old 1100s. They didn"t even come along until 1963.

A telephone speak to to Remington Customer company (google), with the SN, will give the exact DOM - AFAIK the only way to obtain one v the SN..
If you trust the Remington phone heat info, hedge your bets. I supplied to think the letterhead information was absent solid, but then I observed an 1100 on GunBroker provided as a "Dinner Gun", v a letter native Remington stating that it was. The was not a Dinner Gun, however one the the advertisement versions. The value distinction is large, and also That is an egregious error. They told me 2 of mine DID not EXIST based on their serial number records. There are over 10 million 870s and 4 million 1100s and apparently a many of civilization want to know when theirs to be made. Possibly the hassle gained too big.
The gun does have actually the checkering of the change made in 1979. V that, and the "N" prefix so that would narrow it down to somewhere between a 1979-1985, and also I am certain the barrel to be just readjusted out. One next of the barrel is stamped v a "*12 GA. 2 3/4" and the various other side is stamped " REMINGTON arms CO Ilion NY." and also None that the stampings on the barrel near the reciever complement nothein i experienced on a remington net page.I would like to narrow the MFG. Year down far better but I may not have the ability to without the exactly barrel, unless there were anymore physical changes made in this year selection to determine.I will probably contact remington anyways to see what they say anyhow. Unless any kind of of you have anymore help. Which you have been Thanks.
Remington will probably be able to accurately date your gun. I gave you mine estimate. Simply a caution that their accuracy is suspect. There were no transforms from 1963 until 1979, except they went from a metal "V" ring to the "O" ring we have actually today, and also made a couple of changes to the fore finish support design. Native 1979 till the come of the RemChokes there were no an easy changes in the continual 12 gauge guns. The number of commemoratives, specials, and also such kept increasing. And of food the 20 gauges went through three iterations.
Update to this gun. I call Remington and also gave lock the recipient ser. Number because that a dating, and also the called me the this to be definetly a 1967 manf. I explained to them that it had the checkering of post 1979 and also they simply said someone need to have readjusted the stock and forearm. Ns really dont think this has actually been done.
Well, i was wrong, lock didn"t get it right. The prefix information is not new, it has actually been approximately a lengthy time, and also "N" began in 1978. Sounds like they are obtaining worse, not better.
Ya, it sort of surprised me. I even asked the what letter or portion of the serial command him to the date, and he said not one single letter or number just the whole number together a whole. Then as soon as i stated the checkering change. He wouldnt hear it. Good news, he nailed the other gun i had actually posted, with the very same 1977 day you had. So he hitting 50%

.That"s sad............. Remington have to be paying peanuts lately, since apparantly they"re now employing monkeys in CS..
Well, it"s probably not CS"s fault, they simply read what"s on the screen. Record keeping and also data entry much more likely, "garbage in-garbage out".
Serial number prefix "N" ran native 1978 come 1985. The "V" suffix indicates a 12 gauge 2-3/4" receiver. Most likely 1980. "Second generation".
If the "N" ran from 1978 come 1985, then ser. Number prefix "M" must have actually run sometime in the 1970 come 1977 time frame and also that would certainly make the barrel code of "EZ" Oct. 1975 around right. Is this right? One more question. Might not the receiver have been made and also ser. Numbered a couple of yrs. Or an ext before the whole 1100 was assembled for sale utilizing a barrel through a code # not matching the recipient ser. # time frame?

Model 1100 stocks and barrels interchange and it"s typical to find "assembly guns" the were swapped around for better wood, various chokes, etc. I"m surprised Remington is giving any kind of information by serial number. They need to have ultimately computerized the reams the micro-fish tape and now have actually them in search form.
There is no safe direction to suggest an unsafe gun.Sorry! 2 touching and three flyers is not a 4 minutes 1 inch group.

The Remington day Code is stamped into the LH behind of each barrel,Which of course doesn"t use when one year"s barrel is swapped ~ above a various year receiver.................

In the early on "70s, the version 1100 was the wanted Skeet gun, especially for 12 ga.. Extractors damaged so often there to be spares in the gun club cash register and also bolt handles dropped off pretty regular. At a Wednesday afternoon exercise session, a good shooter had several failures and also then a major part dropped out the bottom the his ragged design 1100. He take it the barrel off and threw the remainder in the rubbish barrel.We marketed about dual the quantity of Browning and also Remington and also Ithaca instead of barrels as we did weapons at our shop. Before there to be choke tube there were three and also four barrel to adjust for many pumps and autos.
There is no for sure direction to point an unsafe gun.Sorry! two touching and three flyers is no a 4 minutes 1 inch group.
It would be quite rare to discover a receiver and also barrel made year apart. One year, yes. I started out shooting skeet through my 12 gauge 1100 in 1963. Ns went from local joke to junior organization high typical quick. Still have actually the gun, and it has shot everything from skeet come geese in Manitoba v 3" HeviShot (different barrel that course.) that now has actually over 115,000 ring thru it and also I have actually "retired" it to 12 gauge clay shooting , which I rarely do. Only broken component ever to be an extractor in 1982. JBelk is right around barrels. Ns still have actually three 1100s and 8 barrels.

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