Your porch light typically gives off a pale, yellow glow. That’s the norm, however did you recognize it’s not your only color option? depending upon the color you set your porch light, the hue have the right to stand for various things. What go the shade of a porch irradiate mean? us researched this topic to find out the meanings that you need to know!

Here are the assorted colors the porch lights and their meanings:

Blue Porch Light: Autism awareness or police respectGreen Porch Light: Veterans’ awareness Red Porch Light: American heart Month awarenessPurple Porch Light: residential violence awareness

Ahead, we’ll take a depth dive right into the over porch irradiate hues, so you know when to revolve yours on and what it method if you do. You’re no going to want to miss out on it!


What walk a Blue Porch light Mean?

Turning your porch irradiate blue deserve to represent one of two things. According to Enlightened landscape Lights, blue lights space for autism awareness. This began when the unified Nations basic Assembly in 2007 officially asserted that April second is now human being Autism Awareness Day.

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After three years of civilization Autism Awareness Days, Autism Speaks began a campaign called irradiate It up Blue to spread out awareness around World Autism Awareness Day.

It’s usual to see blue porch lights in April for autism support then, particularly on April 2nd. Because the entire month is Autism Awareness Month, nothing be surprised if next-door neighbors keep their blue porch lamp on all month. You can do the exact same too.

In a 2017 article from abc 10, Placer County, California residents had turned their porch lights blue to stand for respect because that police officers and their loved ones. That’s another reason you could see blue porch lights around town.

What does a eco-friendly Porch irradiate Mean?

Every November 11th, residents in the United says honor ours country’s veterans ~ above Veterans Day. Besides engaging in celebrations and also memorials, girlfriend can additionally turn your eco-friendly porch light on the November job or every month long.

In March, porch lamp might become green come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Enlightened Landscape lights mentions that green lights might make a reappearance in might for Lyme an illness Awareness Month. The irradiate Up Green campaign is not just a nationwide occurrence, however a worldwide one.

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What go a Red Porch irradiate Mean?

You can turn your porch light red a few times a year together well. Among these is in October for Halloween. One more is in February. No, not specifically for a Valentine’s day decoration, however for American love Month too.

The American love Association asks for urban to revolve red every February to carry awareness to heart health, so whether that way decorating your residence with red or changing the shade of her porch light, you have actually plenty of options. You can just inspire your ar to repaint the town red in solidarity!

We carry out want to take it a minute to cite a myth connected with red porch lights and also gun reform.

WUSA9 in Washington, D.C. Dispelled a long-standing rumor that having a red light on meant your home has no guns within. At the time this article was published (2018), WUSA9 mentions that a meme had been circulating online, talking about how red porch lamp were supposed to represent gun reform. The picture had remained in existence for two years prior, because 2016.

By doing part digging, WUSA9 was able to uncover that the post behind the image is false. Thus, if you view a residence with a red porch light, it has actually nothing to carry out with guns much more than likely. Instead, the light is probably for American heart Month.

What go a violet Porch light Mean?

Another shade option you have for your porch irradiate is to turn it purple. This is for residential violence awareness.

This trend began in 2007 with the domestic Violence Task force in Covington, Washington, states Enlightened see Lights. The residential Violence Task force sought come raise awareness of residential violence through its campaign called purple Light Nights.

October is domestic Violence Awareness Month, so it’s most common to readjust the porch bulb shade at this time. Not only are you bringing awareness come the horrors of domestic violence, yet remembering those that have died from it and also honoring residential abuse survivors.

Rather than shop for purple bulbs, buy blacklights instead. These will glow a true purple.

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What go a Blinking Porch light Mean?

What if you check out a blinking porch light in the neighborhood? Is this a authorize your neighbor must replace their light because it’s going bad?

While that deserve to sometimes be the case, a blinking or flashing porch light is a known emergency signal. Someone will certainly flash their porch light once trying to attract an ambulance, firefighter, or police officer come the premises.

This can assist emergency services find the house faster. Many emergency vehicles are driving easily to save lives, which renders reading home addresses difficult. With the flashing or blinking light, the emergency services know simply where come go.

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Come Halloween, some human being like come decorate their porch with flickering porch lights. Or you could shot and generate the effect of a flickering flame because that decorative purposes, by installation a cool flame-like light porch like this one –


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Porchlight colors like red, blue, purple, and also green stand for all kinds of important matters. Indigenous heart wellness to honoring veterans, domestic violence awareness, and also more, if you decision to readjust the color of your porch light, now you recognize what the means.